Wednesday, October 24

Pre-Heresy 1k Sons - Feast of Blades Raffle Army

Check out this sweet raffle army by Next Level Painting for this weekend's Feast of Blades Invitational Tournament!

Wednesday, October 3

Tickets for Feast of Blades selling fast

It is not too late to purchase your tickets for the Invitational.  If you haven't received a welcome email from us send an email to and we can verify that you are on our list.

All other events are still open too, simply purchase your ticket and submit your army list (if required).

Friday, September 21

Feast of Blades 6th edition FAQ is live

Version 6.1.0 of the FOB FAQ is now posted up.  It may be subject to change (We will post notices of changes here and on the main site.)  If you have additional questions or think we got something horribly wrong ;) to
Thank you

Tuesday, August 7

Tomorrow, August 8th, at 6:30 pm MST (8:30 EST) we will be broadcasting a mission that may or may not be (wink, wink) at the finals.  Tune in to the link below. We will also have a live staff member to answer all your Feast of Blades questions in the live chat during the game.

Sunday, August 5

Feast of Blades tickets go live @ 12:01 EST

Feast of Blades tickets go live in 15 minutes (12:01 Eastern).  They will be sold on a first come, first served basis.  The invitational will have 200 slots with over 300 qualifiers so it is important to act quickly to ensure your spot!!!

(Use "Registration," link)

Monday, July 2

thoughts on GW rules design in 6th

So, like the rest of the gaming world this weekend was full of 6th edition.  I read through the book a few times and has about half a million "Did you see..." Calls and texts to help me miss parts I skimmed over.  Overall I was impressed with the rules design behind 6th. For example.

Thursday, June 21

It's Wargames con time!!

Im just about to get on the plane with my crew and head down to WGC. If your there come say hey and talk some corporate finance!

here is my mug again for everyone

Tuesday, June 19

FOB qual mission 2 live game, USTREAM. 6:00 MST (8:00mst)

Just a quick reminder about tonights UStream. We will have the reigning champion codex (Black Templars) face off against the new kids on the block (Necrons). We are set to start at 6:00 MST (8:00 Eastern). We will have plenty of staff in the chat room to answer all your questions

Thursday, June 14

Last night we had our monthly staff meeting.  One of the main topics of discussion was 6th edition and what we are planning to do now that GW has released the 6th edition date.

This decision is FINAL and will not be changed.  It also overides anything we have told you before in any communication, public or private.


Qualifiers AFTER AUG 1st:  6th edition
Qualifiers before Aug 1st: 5th edition

If you feel that your store needs an exception please email Feastofblades (at)gmail (dot) com.

Feast of Blades

Square to Round: Iron Wolves and 6th Edition

Today we have some contempt or dread goodness, read on for more!