Thursday, June 14

Last night we had our monthly staff meeting.  One of the main topics of discussion was 6th edition and what we are planning to do now that GW has released the 6th edition date.

This decision is FINAL and will not be changed.  It also overides anything we have told you before in any communication, public or private.


Qualifiers AFTER AUG 1st:  6th edition
Qualifiers before Aug 1st: 5th edition

If you feel that your store needs an exception please email Feastofblades (at)gmail (dot) com.

Feast of Blades


  1. We were planning to have our qualifier in 2nd Edition, because we really like it. Also, can you send us some buttered toast to give away as prizes?


  2. As had of Logistics for FoB I can answer the second question for you.

    Dear Sir,
    After reviewing your request I regret to inform you that your request has been denied. If you feel the need to appeal this decision, please fill out form FoB-2975994 and submit it to our appeals board.

    Thank You,
    FoB Logistics