Tuesday, May 31

HOBBY: Blinged out Land Raider.

Just a short post today.  I wanted to show off what  I was working on all last week and this weekend...  My Grey Knights-Blinged-out-LandRaider.

Friday, May 27

VIDEO Bat Rep 2000 pt Xaereth's Wolf Star vs Duke's Paladin Star.

Last night my buddy Vault and I took the short drive from our city up to Fort Collins, CO.  We went up there to go hang with the great group of gamers there and to 'keep up foreign relations,' as goose would put it (top gun) lol.  Anyhow, I thought we would get a quick game in, laugh a lot with the guys,  and head home.   What I didn't expect is that I was going to be playing a drag out slugfest against, arguably, one of the best players in the state.

Thursday, May 26

Bat Rep: GK vs BA 2000pts.

Hey everyone!  Time for some battle report action.  This time we have some 2000 point Blood Angels vs my 2000 point Grey Knight Wargamescon army.  It was an interesting game for me and Im glad I got it in. Read on for more.

Wednesday, May 18

List: 2,000 pt GK for WargamesCon...Decisions, decisions.

Hola Internets!  As most of you know I have been diligently working on my new Grey Knights army (2000pts) for WargamesCon.  However, after having more quality time with the book I think that I have found a new army list that I like more than my current one.  Help me decide which army to take!

Tuesday, May 17

Glowing Vehicle Wrecked Markers Made Easy

How To: Vehicle Wrecked Flickering Smoke
A modeling article by Immortal

There are few things worse than flipping over a beautifully painted, free handed, rhino or similar vehicle over when it gets wrecked in a game. Many people place tokens or dice on a vehicle, but this can cause confusion, but these still do little justice to the vehicle that you spent so much time to paint. There is a quick and easy way to make effective markers that not only easily convey to your opponent that your vehicle is toasted and increase that battlefield ‘feel’ by creating flickering columns of billowing black smoke that you can safely place on top of your tank. Here’s how…

Thursday, May 12

Bat Rep: GK vs DE 1850

Last night I had the pleasure of getting in a pick up game at my FLGS.  I brought my WIP Grey Knights and when I got there it was completely packed.  There were about 10 guys all getting games in (apparently some guys from Ft. Collins came down to play), which is cool cause Wed is usually the "slow night," where only a few vets show up and bash each-other.  Anyhow, I got in a game against a decent DE player with piss poor luck...

Wednesday, May 11

Death From Above! Part II

Decent of Angels Advanced Tactics Part II
Maintaining the Initiative

As mentioned in my previous article, the strength of a Decent of Angels list, as with any drop or deep strike list, is maintaining the initiative. Once your opponent gains the initiative and forces you to react to him you will start losing, no question about that and this can be said about just any army. This is especially true with a fire style army, as described in Duke’s series of articles outlining the various elemental styles present in most armies. Nothing will better prepare you for winning a game, especially at a tournament, than experience, but other factors will ensure that you have at least a fighting chance. Now, DoA armies are not the win all, be all army list. They have weaknesses, like all lists, and those can be exploited by anyone that knows them. Knowing what your own weaknesses are will help you defend against this. They have advantages as well…

Tuesday, May 10

Tactics: Air style 40k

Once again, I come to bring you the next (and final) installment of the Elemental nonsense series: Air.  If you have been following you know that we covered Fire, Water and Earth prior to air and you know the format... Onward!

Friday, May 6

Death From Above! Part I

Decent of Angels Advanced Tactics Part I
 by Immortal

When I was first considering converting my glorious Blood Angels from a mech to DoA list, I scoured the internet in an attempt to figure out the best way to not only put a list together, but also how they are played. I found plenty on how to build a list, but very little on how they're played... other than "drop in close and shoot crap, if you survive, assault things, and kill more crap." Now, there is quite a bit of debate as to the exact composition that a DoA army should be. Be it melta toting honor guard, or which HQ choice to take, there are a few staples that every DoA list has (such as Vanguard Veterans). Let’s take a look at some of the more intricate parts of playing DoA.

Wednesday, May 4

New Author: Immortal

Hello avid readers and denizens of the internets... Duke here to introduce a new writer for Dukes Inferno: IMMORTAL.

GRRR, GK @ 1,000pts. (Lots of lists)

Ok, as some of you may know by reading this blog before I am planning on playing in the team tournament at WargamesCon (BoLScon).  My good buddy and I are planning on playing BA and GK armies cause that is what we are taking to the main tournie, and to put it simply we think it is fun... However, there is a bit of a problem.

Tuesday, May 3

Tactics: Earth Style 40k

Self Portrait :)
 Hey Internet, welcome to another episode of Elemental Tactics Nonsense.  If you have been following you will know that we covered Fire and Water already in this discussion.  Now I would like to cover Earth style and some of the tactics/ strategies involved with this style of 40k.

Monday, May 2

Proud to be a veteran

As many of you already know,  last night at about 23:30 EST it was confirmed that Osama Bin Laden was killed in a fire fight outside Islamabad, Pakistan.

As a former Air Force Officer I can say that I am extremely proud to be a veteran today.

Thank you to our men and women in the intelligence community and military for their hard work and determination in bringing one of the greatest international criminals to justice.