Friday, March 30

Skyrim 40k FTW!!! discussion

Earlier today BoLS released this news article LINK.  Long story short, THQ (makers of the "Dark Millennium," MMO) announced that they will not be making the game into an MMO, but instead will be making it a "...Premium single player experience..." I got thinking to myself about what does an MMO look like that isn't an MMO but is a "premium single player experience."  Then it hit me... 40K SKYRIM!

Thursday, March 29

Real Time Painting Log 5

On we go, No time to talk.

Its the start of week 2, lets go!

Real Time Painting Log 1

How long does it take to paint an army? I have been ask this so often when someone finds out about this thing we do. I then give some smart answer like, How long is a piece of string?

But at some point it might be good to know, so Im doing a real time paint log and were going to find out.

Wednesday, March 28

Chaos Display Board

All this talk about Chaos Marines getting a new dex has quite a few people starting to get ready to take some skulls.

Today I have a recent commission job I did creating a Chaos display for a friend in the 40K Wrecking Crew.

Tuesday, March 27

March of Wolves: Troops

Space Wolves Troops
By: Alan B.

With troops I always take a look at who gets the most bang for the buck, or points so to speak.  In the space wolves codex it is mostly a choice between hunters or claws with some additions.

Monday, March 26

Friday, March 23

The Fall of 'Ard Boyz and my thoughts.

Well, it has been a few days since the fall of 'Ard Boyz and now that I have had a few days to think about it I wanted to get my $.02 out there.  Let's talk about the tournament that was and perhaps look to the future, come along with me on this magic carpet ride.

Thursday, March 22

Codex Review: Space Wolves' Fast Attack

When the words Space, Wolves, Fast, and Attack all find themselves in the same sentence overgrown, rage-addled men atop overgrown, rage-addled wolves are just about the only thing that comes up. Believe it or not, the codex does have other options. In case you've forgotten, we intend to show you all of them.

Tuesday, March 20

March of Wolves: Logan Grimnar Analysis

Logan Grimnar, The Great Wolf!  He is one of the most iconic leaders in all of 40k, This was the guy that got me all excited when I used to play Wolves in 2nd edition.  Through the years, the Wolf king has not fallen in popularity.  Lets go over him and see some of his inner workings and give a few suggestions on how to use him.

Friday, March 16

Are Necrons a Tier one sleeper codex?

As I have said before, my first few games with Necrons have been fairly interesting.  They are an army that doesn't look so good on paper, but in game play they actually work pretty well.

Thursday, March 15

Hobby: Making a Chaos Wasteland Game Table (Part 1)

Welcome all, today I want to talk about one of the most overlooked parts of our hobby.

The home table.

Tuesday, March 13

Codex Review: Space Wolves' Heavy Support

As we have said before, March is Space Wolves month, and with that we are going over the codex section, by section.  Bring on the heavy support! What army would be complete without the thunder of tanks and destructive hell fire of heavy weapons?

Monday, March 12

Army list of the week: 1750 SW grey hunter spam

This week I was making up a super-sexy Thundercav list so we can have an excuse to use the sexy new models, but life got in the way and Ill I got written down was the Wolf Lord and 2 rune priests.  So, with that I am stealing this weeks "List of the week," from my good buddy Goatboy. With this month being "march of wolves," how could we not steal a list from him?

Friday, March 9

For the Fun of it! Top Chef

Welcome to "just for the fun of it," Food edition.  Read on for cool pics of 40k FOOD STYLE!

Thursday, March 8

"March of Wolves:" SW vs Necrons

After diving into the codex the last few weekends and writing a few articles on Necrons this last week I decided to play a game with them last night.  Because it is "March of Wolves (month)," I played against my good friend Mark and his new Thundercav list. Here is a rough idea of the lists we played.

Wednesday, March 7

Square to Round Pt. 3 - Masterclass SW Vehicles

What better way to kick off "March of Wolves," than to give you some beautifully painted (dare I say, masterclass) Space Wolf vehicles!    

As usual, real life has gotten in the way and I'm a bit behind on this project.  As you get older you'll realize (if you don't know already!) that things like wives, kids, careers, ageing parents and a myriad of other stuff have the ability to seriously impact the time you have to do things that you really want to gaming and the related painting, converting, etc..  My original goal was to have this force painted and ready to play by the end of March and I still might make it.  I have a personal thing about playing with unpainted models and it doesn't matter to me whether it's a tournament or a pick-up game.  I just don't like the look of it and it basically ruins the whole experience for me, but that's just me.

Tuesday, March 6


I know that this month is Wolves month, but today I wanted to get a post out that I have been sitting on for a while, and then we can move on to some good-ol wolves.  Anyhow, If you have been reading for a while, you will know that I am working on my Custodes army (counts as GK) for the upcoming tournament season.  Lets jump on down and see how the main unit of paladins and my small interceptor unit is coming together as of now.

Monday, March 5

March is Space Wolves Month!

Just a quick post that this month we will be doing a focus on Space Wolves this month (that doesn't mean we won't post on other things) expect to see posts on the different Section voices within the codex and even some painting tips on how to paint what is arguably the Best codex in 40k.

What would you like to see this month while we focus on the Wolves?  What codex would you like to see us cover next?


List of the Week: Gunless 'Nids Challenge

I think that Tyranids toting guns look really silly. I'm cool with Tyranids having ranged attacks, but I just can't get over how bloody silly they look holding firearms. I even realize that the god-like hive mind provides a sane rationale for why space bugs would have guns, but I still find them to be aesthetically displeasing.

Friday, March 2

For the Fun of it! Lego Edition

Serious now, I was a Lego maniac as a kid and I'm so glad to see my favorite building blocks still going strong years later. Lets check out some lego 40k!

Thursday, March 1

Spikey Bits Giveaway! February Winner and March Contest.

Our first Spikey Bits giveaway was quite the success. Given that, we here at Duke's Inferno and Spikey Bits have decided to do another identical contest this month. That's right, every non-idiotic comment you leave on a post published in March on this blog will get you one entry to win $20 in Spikey Bits store credit. For the Februrary contest the winner is: