Tuesday, November 30


I was thinking, last night on one of my long drives that I do from week to week about Theory hammer. Mostly I was thinking about how cool it is that we have one of the few hobbies that you can actually see how your theories pan out in practice. 

Thursday, November 18

Webway Portals = Defensive?

In one of the batrep comment areas we have been talking about the proper application of Web way portals. Eventually this got me thinking...

Tuesday, November 16

Batrep: Wolves vs. Dark Eldar.

Hi, Cruor Vault here with a guest Batrep for the Inferno…
Like many longtime Warhammer players I’ve been itching for a new Dark Eldar book. I have always wanted to play an army of evil sadomasochistic space elves, but have been hampered by the difficult legacy rules from 3rd edition and the truly terrible sculpts from the 90s. Now that all that has been fixed with the wonderful new codex and truly awe inspiring new model range I set out to play test my way to galactic domination!

Friday, November 12

DE vs. BA Bat rep

The other night I had the pleasure of playing against my friend and his brand new Dark Eldar list... Normally I would do a video bat-rep, but I forgot my Flip camcorder (booo!) and a lot of his stuff wasn't painted so you'll have to deal with words.

Thursday, November 11

Wargamer= Crybaby?

As many of you already know the Storm Raven model was leaked today (or at least were pretty sure it was.) Im not going to go into the details of the leak but it can be found on some of my bloglist links to the side.