Friday, September 30

Table Top Trends, Flat Top Terrain Edition.

Well the 5th edition of the Warhammer 40K basic rule book has run its course to the point of 6th edition rumors. Yet it seems only recently that some basic 5th ed. trends are making their way to the table top.

Tuesday, September 27

What do you mean you don't want to play?

 For, a few weeks now my gaming nights have gone like this 

Monday, September 26

When Worlds Collide (40k interior decorating?)

Every once in a while real life and 40K life run smack into each other. Like the first time your new girlfriend finds out you play with toys, or your coworkers find out your skipping work to travel and play with toys. The results can be anything from mundane to the extreme. This is one such story.

Friday, September 23

my .02 on this new "Dreadfleet," launch.

Well, just when we think GW can't possibly screw things up any more (Sorry sisters players), they go and surprise us again with weird business practices.

Wednesday, September 21

For the Love of Tau Part 3

Hello all and welcome to part 3!

We made it to the vehicle edition of the Tau gallery.

Monday, September 19

The Old Guard Perspective: What do you mean you quit?

Sometimes a line of thought veers way off course, into something far more philosophical. This is one of those times... STOP QUITTING!

Thursday, September 15

Results of the random TT

Well its over now, I played in a TT (team tourney) this weekend where we pulled out of a hat for our partner for the day. So this is my wrap up with a few pics.

Tuesday, September 13

Tournament Talk: Sacrificing for Competition

So, I was talking to a good buddy the other day and he brought up something that I thought was spot on.  What he said he was realizing is that at some point you have to choose what to sacrifice: Competing at top tables or fluff lists.

Saturday, September 10

40k Change up: Team Tourney with Random teammates.

That's right this time were talking about playing teams with random partners.

This might not be a new idea but it is one that I have never done and soon I will have a real life report on how it worked out.

Thursday, September 8

Duke builds a man barbie (phantom titan) pt 1

A while back I got this idea, a wonderful, crazy idea.  This idea consisted of me buying a Phantom Titan and using it as the centerpiece for the Feast of Blades Narrative campaign.  Well, after much begging and pleading with my wife I was given the reluctant green light. Follow on to see the project log pt 1.

Sunday, September 4

Interview with Gabe Dobkin (Cobra Commander)

OK, every once in a while a army comes along that just cant be denied. It could be the conversions, the colors, the theme or in this case all of the above.

Who or what could I be talking about you ask?

Well in a word, COBRA!!!

Friday, September 2

Tournament talk: Live Video feeds


   Live video feeds are all the rage currently in the tournament circuit.  Adepticon was the first to truly implement it, and many others have come on board.  The question is, how do we do it right?  I want to talk today about live video streaming and what I think works and doesn't work.

Thursday, September 1

6 Stages of Grief: The Losing Streak

A Veteran's guide to getting your arse handed to you.
By Immortal

"It was the dice, I swear." Yes, failing five of your eight 2+ saves against grots is mildly disconcerting, but hang in there, it can only get worse. Having this kind of luck every game has seemed to by my norm as of late, and many of my dice have been severely punished as a result. Draigo Paladin-Stars, rampaging Wolf-Stars, and being melta’d to death by Vulkan, these have also become the norm… sounds fun ‘eh.

So how do I survive in the meta game? Clearly I don’t, not right now anyways, but I manage to cope with it. Here are my thoughts and ramblings on how to get through that inevitable losing streak.