Thursday, April 28

Painting: Grey Knigts

Lately I have been working fiendishly on my Grey Knights army.  This will be the army that I will be playing at WargamesCon this July.  I don't feel that it is a broken codex or that my list is particularly devestating, but all in all I like it.  But you didn't come here to listen about that, you came to get some pics of my painting. So, fine!

Tuesday, April 26

Tactics: Water style 40k

As part of my continuing discussion on the different elemental styles of 40k I would like to move forward. Last time, if you recall, we covered fire.  This time we will cover the element directly opposed to a fire list: Water.

Friday, April 22

Team tournament List BA & GK 2000 pts

Hello people of the internet... today I wanted to bring you a simple post that shouldn't be too long... We will save long posts for Monday and Tuesday so you can keep yourself occupied at work.  Anyhow, my buddy Immortal and I are getting ready for WargamesCon (BoLScon) and they have a team tourney on the Friday prior to the big show.  The list rules are simple, it must be 2 1,000 point armies.  You cannot use teammates unused points and you must have 1 HQ and 2 Troops.  More after the break.

Thursday, April 21

Tournament Endurance... How much do you have?

  The other day I was talking to another Tournament Organizer friend of mine.  I won't go into which tourney he hosts cause I don't want to change any peoples excitement or change their thoughts (positive or negative) on the event as a whole (He runs a great event).  But what I did want to talk about was 'how much is too much,' at a tournament?

Monday, April 18

Dukes inferno, now on twitter

I've decided to join the unwashed masses and join twitter. Follow me!!! (please) @dukesinferno. The tweets will be more kind of what is on my mind at the moment but isn't worth writing about in a full blog post, because the post would be really short with lots of cursing, lol. it should be fun and a way to pass the long-boring work day.

Twitter: @dukesinferno


Friday, April 15

Elemental Army nonsense part 1: Overview & Fire

A while back a friend of mine and I were having a discussion about the different army types around there and how they fit with each other. Today Im bringing you the outcome of those discussions, read on for all kinds of goodies.

Tuesday, April 12

Ethics: Digital Downloads

I got into a discussion with my friend the other day about Ethics and the like.  This particular discussion was centered on whether or not it was ethical for gamers to download/scan/ photocopy the codecies for Warhammer 40k and Fantasy. I wanted to bring it to the internets to see what you crazies all think.

Monday, April 11

Psiflemen dread tutorial, wahoo!

Hey everyone,  today I'm not coming at you with more silly GK lists and blah blah blah.  This time Im showing you how to build your very own psiflemen dreads and how to make them look awesome!

Friday, April 8

Email in list (ish): grey knights 2000 pts


In the comments of my last battle report  a Mr. Anony Mous asked me to post up my most recent incarnation of My Grey Knights list.  Ask and you shall receive, just don't hate me if you don't like it.

Thursday, April 7

Yawn... Grey Knights vs Daemons Battle Report

This weeks battle report isn't going to be an 'edge-of-your-seat-slugfest,' in fact though your already here and thus probably bored at work I should tell it to you anyhow.

As the title says it was Grey Knights vs Daemons 2000 pts.

Tuesday, April 5

Grey Knights model review/ project log.

Over this last weekend I assembled all my infantry for my 2k Grey Knights.  All said this is what I bought:

25 Power armor Grey Knights (5 boxes)
10 Terminator Grey Knights (2 boxes)
1 Land Raider Redeemer
3 Razorbacks

I also have som dreads that I am going to convert into psiflemen.

So here is my review of the models themselves: