Sunday, January 30

Custodes Update!

Gold done:
Here is a picture or two to get your palette wet.  My Custodes army is going slowly, but I want to to go like that. I want to take my time and paint each guy as I would a single character model... Plus I only have four models at the moment, so if I paint fast not only will they look bad, but I will run out of models to paint quickly because ordering new ones means getting shipping from Poland. Anyhow, open the rest to see.

Friday, January 28

Feast of Blades flyer

More of a Short post really.  I just wanted to put this up and see what you all think... This is a picture of my computer monitor so forgive any quality problems.  If you have any input comment below. Thanks


Feast of Blades update

Great news incoming for the tournament I am running: The Feast of Blades, as you may well know it is a tournament of champions that pits the winners of 11 different tournaments against each-other in a tournament to the death (and by death I mean just a mild blow to the ego.)

we have been given the thumbs up by both Rankings HQ and Black Library.  To check out what Black LIbrary has offered the feast head on over to the blogspot (Look for it on my blog roll or click here.

Again I would wish the best of luck to all the competitors, if you want to find out how you and your tournament can be included in the feast of blades send an email to Feastofblades at


Thursday, January 27

Traitor IG (Infardi) Update #1

Today, The Inferno brings you another update from Cruor Vault and his Infardi traitor guard.  This project is coming along nicely and I am getting worried that I may have to face down this list sooner rather than later.  Take it away Cruor...

Saturday, January 22

Traitor IG (INFARDI) WIP Thread.

one of my favorite IG posters...EVER!

Today the Inferno brings a cool guest article by Cruor vault, he will be doing a series of these on his latest project... stay tuned for some fast paced highly converted Traitor Guard... More after the break.

Thursday, January 20


Here are a few pics of my new Custodes army that I will be using the GK rules with when they come out... Ill be doing updates on them as I do it.  but for now here they are unpainted...

Tuesday, January 18

New FAQ = sales ploy

Ok we have all had enough time over the long weekend to either
1. See that the new 40k FAQ is out
2. You had enough time to actually play test multiple lists with 3-4 land raiders and/or 30+ terminators on foot.

Well, today Im going to cover a little ditty about what I see behind the workings of the FAQ as it relates to GW corporate.  More after the break, read on!

Friday, January 14

GW corporate discussion part 2: Revenge of the nerds.

Head Scratching part 2

​Hey everyone, About a week ago I opened a can of worms that was the GW year end financial statements.  Originally I only planned on doing one post relating to this document but just going through the CEO and Chairman comments took up three pages, as such I kept the financials themselves for another post.  Well, here I am again to post up my findings from those.

Interestingly enough the financials seem to know what kind of company GW really is, despite the confusion of the top dogs the financials have their head of straight.

Wednesday, January 12

Calling all graphic-designer-types

Ok, so this is a short post... But as I mentioned earlier I am running a tournament soon called the Feast of Blades.  Well this thing really needs a cool logo and try as I might I can't seem to create anything with my pathetic graphic design skills.  Its like an Ork trying to write Shakespeare... You think there might be something there, but can't get past how sad it all really is.  I had a friend who said he would design something for me but it has been a month and Im getting impatient.

Anyhow.  If you are a graphic designer who is willing to help me for free or for very little (this is the first year so I have no budget beyond making terrain et al.) please email me at dukesinferno

Im pretty sure what I want the logo to look like,  I really just need someone with skillz.  Thanks everyone.


Tuesday, January 11

New Titan: (FW)

This isn't so much NEW news, as it is semi-new news.  But a few weeks ago we saw just how far along the new Phantom Eldar Titan is (in the background of the above picture).  For those of you who haven't ever ordered from Forgeworld before after you make your purchase in the checkout they ask you if you would like to see them make a specific model.  For years, whenever I bought from them I always said this "A PHANTOM!"

Sunday, January 9

Terrain tutorial: Desert mesa Part 2

This is a continuation  of my previous post a week or so ago on how to build a desert mesa looking table.   Well, I suppose I should say this is how I did it... Not to say that it should be done this way, but I like my style and ignorance is bliss...

Friday, January 7

GW Corporate discussion

Ok, so the other day I spent some time looking over the latest Games Workshop Annual Statement and earnings report and some really interesting stuff came out to me.  But before I get into that I want to give you a little background on myself, Im not just some fan boy who doesn't know anything about Corporate workings.  My MBA is in finance and accounting, as well as my undergrad, both from very well qualified schools, where I graduated with honors. In addition also a CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) level 3 as well as a series 7 and 66. I also have been working in the investment banking and private equity worlds for a decade.  Not to pat myself on the back, just more of a disclosure so you know where I am coming from, I might not be right... But I do have a lot of background at looking into these things.

Thursday, January 6

Bat rep BA vs Eldar

Once again, I bring to you a Video Battle report.  This one is between my Blood Angels at 2000 points and  a well built Eldar army at 2000 also.   I made a few dumb mistakes, which were capitalized on but see how it ends up.

Wednesday, January 5

New Stormraven and my dastardly plans!

When any new codex comes out a lot of us games seek so hard to try to "unlock," the codex.  We look at combs like FNP/ FC Lightning claw and TH/SS termies and think about how that is the endgame for everything.  We see spamming Dark Lances everywhere and think that Mech is dead.  But every so often there is something neat in the codex that doesn't get its fair shake and is left by the wayside.  In the Blood Angel dex I feel that unit is the Storm Raven.

Tuesday, January 4

Feast of Blades announced!

I wanted to take a quick moment to talk about my recent project: The Feast of Blades.  A few months ago I was working with some friends on a 40k tournament project that had the floor fall through the bottom of it after thinking about it for a little while I still felt like I wanted to organize something to help bring my community of 40k players together. 

Saturday, January 1

Terrain Tutorial: Desert Mesa prep stage.

I know it has been a while since I did anything Hobby related on this blog.  But recently I started building some terrain which will end up being an alien desert-scape.  I based it loosely off my pictures from garden of the gods (Picture above).  Anyhow here is part one in a multi part tutorial on how to make it.

40k New Years resolution(s)

As the Irish say "In the New Year, may your right hand always be stretched out in friendship, never in want."... Ahhhh, forget it!  Here is a list of gaming things that I am putting my right hand out in want for in 2011.