Sunday, February 27

Radio Controlled Land Raider...

This is what this hobby is really all about... Very very cool.

Not much to say about this but HOLY CRAP!  This kind of thing is really what the hobby is about.  I don't know this guy, just saw the video on the net.  If you have any cool projects like this let me know and Ill put them up

Friday, February 25

Grey Knights: Are we overreacting?

Ok, so the "leak," has been out in the internet for a while now and it seems like everyone and their mother either has a copy, or has a friend who does.  Im not going to go into whether or not the leak is an actual Codex, but from everything I have seen it seems like it is a play-test codex, the only question is what point during the play testing was that particular one.  That said, I feel most of the rules will remain the same, with some changes to things like points tweaks, and force org movement.

Anyhow, what I wanted to talk about is how we seem to overreact to rumors when they come out...

Wednesday, February 23

Mac-daddy Storm Raven

Sorry everyone for not posting in a little bit, My time has almost 100% been dedicated to the Feast of Blades Tournament.   I have, however, been working a little here and there on my Blood Angels Storm Raven... In fact, I have done quite a bit of custom work on the thing.  Want some pics? Here ya go.

Tuesday, February 15

Thoughts on the Grey Knight Rumors

So as I have been looking over the rumor threads at Warseer and the Bols Lounge I have begun to think about how the GK codex is coming together and how it will all work... Now, this is assuming that the rumors are true and that there are no changes to said rumors once the book comes out...

Monday, February 14

If I were GW CEO. part 1

A while back I did two posts on Games Workshop and their Business practices.  (First article) (Second article)  I ranted mostly about how their corporate culture and business models didn't make much sense to me... And although I do admit they have done a few things right, mostly I was left scratching my head.

Well, I am not one of those people who complains and then doesn't give up any suggestions on how to fix those things I complained about... So, here are my suggestions on how to run the whole thing.

Wednesday, February 9

Terrain Tutorial Desert Mesa Cont.

  As part of my Terrain tutorial on the Desert Mesa table I have an update.  It has actually been a few weeks since I have been able to do anything with this terrain mostly because of Grad School taking up so much time recently.  Anyhow, today I am focusing on what to do once you have glued the sand to the terrain the first time and how you make sure it doesn't go anywhere.

Monday, February 7

Fun with the RogueTrader Rulebook

Not too long ago I decided to get out my copy of the Rogue Trader Rule book and give it a little read.  The greatest thing about this book is all of the weird fluff that is no longer present, not to mention the little things that Mr. Awesome, aka Rick Priestly would put in the book as side jabs.  Im going to do an ongoing article on cool little thing I find in here, comment away if you have seen anything you want to mention.

Saturday, February 5

Storm Raven Alpha Strike List

First things first... This is a momentum based list.  I am well aware of the risks in this list, that said if the momentum is with me there wouldn't be much stopping this list. Anyhow, here it is.

- Librarian
  - Blood Lance, Fear the Darkness.

 - Asssault Squad: 5 men
  - Melta gun, infernus pistol
  - Drop pod

 - Assault squad: 5 men
  - Razorback
    - Las Plas

 - Assault Squad: 5 men
  - Razorback
   - Las Plas

- Assault Squad: 5 men
 - Razorback
  - Las Plas

- Scout Squad

- 5 th/ss terminators
- Furioso
 - Heavy flamer

Fast Attack:
- Baal Predator
 - Sponson Heavy Bolters

- Land Speeder typhoon

- Scout Bikers
 - Melta gun
 - Melta bombs

Heavy Support:
- Storm raven
 - Typhoon Missles, TL Las cannon,

- Storm Raven
 - Multi Melta, Assault Cannon, Extra armour

- Predator
 - Autocannon, Lascannon sponson

Total: 2000

As I said, this is an Alpha Strike list meant to destroy the enemy in the first turn before they can respond. Here is how it goes down. (a note, this is assuming I get first turn... If not the tactic changes a lot.)

- Baal Predator- flat out and pop smoke, this should get those assault cannons in range of some nice squishy side armor.
- Scout Bikers - Turbo boost, this allows them to move 24" which should put them in striking distance of key targets

Turn 1:
- Tyhpoon storm raven unleashes all missles (4 blood strike and 2 typhoon) and lascannon on 2 targets (POTMS)
- Melta Storm raven turbo boosts for the cover save, meltas one target (Potms) (Dread pops smoke)
- Drop pod comes down, Melta gun and infernus pistol on assault squad hit a target.  If possible Blood Lance hits several tanks in a line... If I can only hit one the use Fear of the Darkness on any troops which have been disembarked from other shooting.
- Typhoon Land speeder opens up
- Baal predator moves and shoots on the side armor.. If it doesn't have to move then just fires H.bolters too
- Lascannons on Razrobacks open up. (3 targets)
- Scout Bikers move, then shoot the melta at a tank, then if it is still alive they assault the tank, since the tank hasn't moved the bikers auto hit on the rear armor with melta bombs.  If the tank is destroyed they try to double assault the passengers and another tank to melta bomb it.

That is effectively 11 different targets that I can open up on in the first turn plus whatever Blood Lance can get.  Like I said it is an alpha strike... I know that it has its inherent weaknesses of a "FIRE," list, but I want to hear what you all think.


Friday, February 4

Traitor IG (Infardi) update #2

Hey everyone, today Cruor Vault is back to give us an update on his Traitor Guard, they are coming along nicely.  I personally can't wait to see them on the table top.  Take it away Cruor

Tuesday, February 1

Storm Raven list

A friend of mine and I were talking about the new storm raven model that is coming out soon.  Which obviously got us talking about the merits of the unit in general.  As I normally do I went home and started working up a list in my head that focused the Raven heavily.... Below is the list I wrote up.  It isn't entirely perfect and has yet to be playtested, but here it is none the less.