Monday, April 30

Review: Know No Fear

     Duke has been asking me to write some reviews of Black Library books for a long time.  I've resisted the notion because of this simple fact.  Just because I like or dislike something that has been written why should that impact you?  It really shouldn't at all, and I'm the last one to tell you whether you will enjoy a book or not.  I also don't like giving away the best parts of books to someone who hasn't read it.  Whether I put up a 'Spoilers' alert or not is irrelevant.  You'll probably keep reading... right?... I do.

Thursday, April 26

Just when you think you can paint: Best appearance at Adepticon (post fixed)

So, you think you can paint?  That's cute!  I used to think I was a good painter and that I had a chance (however slim) of one day winning a best appearance award at a major event... Then I saw this 

Wednesday, April 25

New Dark Angels Codex: Hidden in plain sight?

Every once in a while, GW will hid upcoming releases in plain sight.  Well the other day I was surfing their blog on the Games Workshop main page and I stumbled across what I am sure is the next codex hiding right in front of me. Lets just jump in and see shall we?

Tuesday, April 24

Chaos Wasteland Game Table Part 3 More Terrain

Welcome back followers of Chaos. Swags here in another update from the realm of pain and suffering that is the Chaos Wastelands.

Continuing on with the terrain discussion I'm going to start with the "Frozen Forest" today.

Monday, April 23

photos of adepticon

Well, I know when I am not at a big event I want to see lots and lots of pictures just to get an idea of what it looks like while you're there.  For those of you who couldn't make it here are a few pictures of the event, Ill do a couple series on Adepticon pictures but here is the first one.

Thursday, April 19

Adepticon Live Cast

here is a great link for people wanting to check out the happenings at Adepticon.  It is being put on by my friend Loken over at Apocalypse 40k.  Sometime throughout the weekend I will be on the show flexing my muscles all crazy like... Or not.

Anyhow, if you can't come say hey in person at least log in and watch the Livecast!


Wednesday, April 18

finding me at Adepticon

The past few times I have gone to large events I am always on the lookout for old friends, but the best is when I meet new ones.  Sometimes though I don't realize I have been talking to someone who's blog I love or who's painting I admire.  So, to get rid of some of the anonymity of the internet (it is a growing trend LINK, lol) I'm posting up a pic of my ugly mug so you'll recognize me.  Ill be playing in the team tourney but other than that you can catch me at the Spikey Bitz booth selling my mega-awesome-GAMER- clothing-line "Imperial Attire,"

Edit: My real name is Chandler but I still answer to "Duke," since it was my nickname through college. Either way...

Come say HEY!


Square to Round: Iron Wolves Recap

     I've decided to do a bit of a recap, especially since the list changed a bit since I first started this project.  Having played WHFB for a long time I was looking to get into 40K for various reasons.  Most of my gamer friends are heavily involved in 40K, not so much into the Fantasy side of the game.  I also had hit a 'burn-out' stage when it came to WHFB and was looking for something to get the juices flowing and rekindle my interest in the gaming scene.  I am also waiting for the various 8th edition Army Books to hit a critical mass that will solve some of the competitive problems with WHFB that I believe exist right now.

Tuesday, April 17

Feast of Blades Invitational commercial

Short post today... Follow the link and comment below! (blogger wasnt liking the link, copy and paste into your browser)

Friday, April 13

Latest freehand and Adepticon prep latest.

Painting... blah blah blah... Writing lists.... blah blah blah... Re-painting the stuff I already painted... blah blah blah... Re-writing my lists...blah blah blah... Oh! Eat, sleep, drink... It must be tournament season!

Thursday, April 12

Adepticon Prep

So, as it turns out, I will be going to Adepticon this year.  I was asked a few weeks ago to play on a Colorado-bsed team with a few guys I know.  The team is using a Custodes theme so how could I say no? here is a rough list of what I need to do to get ready.

Wednesday, April 11

Feast of Blades Costume Contest

(copied from We love Wargames!  We also love halloween!!!  This year we are scheduled on one of the weekends that surrounds Halloween.  Well, what a great way to be able to enjoy two things we love... Sci-Fi/ Fantasy Costume contest anyone?  

The Rules:
- Come dressed as your favorite Sci-Fi or Fantasy Character.  
- No actual weapons
- No nudity
- Acting in character is encouraged!
- Costumes can be bought or made...
- Costume with the most votes will win a VERY COOL PRIZE!

The Competitions:
- Best overall costume
- Most funny costume
- Youngbloods best overall
- Best group Costume (assuming enough groups enter)

So, get your armies ready but get your costumes ready too! We will see you (And your alter ego) In October!!!

Feast of Blades Staff.

Tuesday, April 10

Real Time Painting Log 9

Test fig up!!!

My latest Freehand: Lady Justice

For a while now I have been working on my Custodes army.  The tanks have by far taken the longest to do (one because they are big and two, because I need inspiration to do them)

Monday, April 9

Real Time Painting Log 8

End of week 2!!!!

Army list of the week: 2000 pts dark elder

This list comes to us from the Invitational at Feast of Blades.  Overall it did pretty well, qualifying during the Qual by fire event (a last minute qualifier held the night before) and then placing at/near the top 10.

Friday, April 6

Real Time Painting Log 7

Day 10 = 3 more hours.

Took off the bases, put the marines back on the foam core to
go back to the airbrush for more work.

Real Time Painting Log 6

Well its Thursday time for a fresh look.
Lets see what we got.

Wednesday, April 4

40k hobby: Casting with Greenstuff

 Alright peeps, today I want to go over a nice way to cast with greenstuff, legos and casting gel.  Let's jump right in, shall we?