Tuesday, January 31

Conversion: Grav-Razorback (for Custodes)

As many of you know I am building a Custodes themed army for my latest project.  This is something that I have wanted to do for years and years.  One of the main things that had to be included in this army was Grav-Razorbacks.  Well, I have made my first few (with some small additions still to come) let's stroll on over and check it out, shall we?

Monday, January 30

List of the week: Pod Space Wolves 2000 pts

Alright, this week we have a really interesting Space Wolves army list.  It employs drop pods heavily and was actually quite fun to play against.  I saw this list at WargamesCon last year and I have to say that the guy who was playing it was a great player and all-around-good-guy. 

Thursday, January 26

The Joy of Small Games

As players in the US, we tend to think almost exclusively about 2,000pt games... sometimes 1,850. What I've learned in the past year since the vast majority of my models were stolen was how to love smaller games.

Tuesday, January 24

Square to Round: Iron Wolves Part 2 - Infantry Models

     I survived the holiday period by the skin of my teeth.  A lot of obligations and visiting relatives did put me a bit behind schedule with this army construction.  Of course, I also spent a few late nights sipping on 'Nog and continously tweaking my list.  For me this usually starts with some type of 'brilliant' idea and then trying to shoehorn it into my list.

Monday, January 23

List of the Week: Dark Eldar 2000 pts

Hey folks of the internet.  It's Monday and that means it is time for the list of the week! Today were coming at you from the dark city of Commorragh.  This list was used in the 2012 Feast of Blades.  Without further ado, lets look over the list and see what we think.

Friday, January 20

For the Fun of it! Part 1

Every now and then I get burnt out on 40K, Is it the rules conflicts, the never ending paint work to do, the endless time spent trying to set up games (and lists for them), or just the nonstop Internet banter?

Wednesday, January 18

List of the week: 2000 pt Blood Angels DOA

Its that time of the week, let's take a list from the most recent Feast of Blades tournament and look over it. Please add any suggestions/ tactics you would use in this list.  Please, small tweaks only.

Tuesday, January 17

Healthy war-gamer Challenge

A while back I was listening to an 11th company podcast and they had a couple of guests on there that were trying to raise awareness of a problem in our niche group.  They issued a challenge to war-gamers to become more healthy in their lifestyles.  CHALLENGE ACCEPTED. The following is my plan on getting there.

Monday, January 16

Now hiring: Writers!

Dukes Inferno is looking for a few good men who want to write a few articles every so often for the blog.  

Whats required?
- One full article per month (pick your topic).
- One "List of the week," per month.

You don't need to have any particular experience or playstyle, all writers will be looked at evenly.

Send Emails to Dukesinferno (at) hotmail (dot) com



Thursday, January 12

New training regimen for WargamesCon

My local group (Team 107) of intrepid gamers and I have started to prepare for WargamesCon in Austin,Texas (June 21-24). We missed tickets for Adepticon, Nova is on Labor day weekend and Most of my gaming group helps me run Feast of Blades, So this year (and most years) WargamesCon is "the big one," we are looking forward to.

Saturday, January 7

List of the Week, Shhhhh be very very quiet, Im hunting Paladins!

Last time I did a list here it was all about the Draigo death stars, so this time I'm flipping the coin and bringing the fight to them. Say hello to the "Blessing of the Beast" list.

Friday, January 6

CUSTODES update.

During the multiple long weekends that were Christmas and New Years I actually got a lot done! The following is the progress I made over the break on my Custodes (Counts as GK).

Wednesday, January 4

List of the Week, Double Paladin Star!!!

Like them or hate them Paladins are here to stay, unless you take the high road with GoatBoy and decide to not play GK. So lets look at an over priced, out numbered death star list that probably has no chance in a regular game of 40K, why? cause the only thing better than one death star, is two!

Tuesday, January 3

New Years Resolutions! for the grim dark future.

Happy New Year!!!

If your like me you think its just another day, but some people believe in making resolutions so I'm gonna jump on the wagon and see what all the hype is about.