Thursday, March 31

Holy crap batman! Another GK battle report.

Last night I got to play against my good buddy who was running his latest Space Wolves Build.  It was an interesting game where we both made a few mistakes... click for the full (shortened report)

Tuesday, March 29

Grey Knight List version 2.0

Ok internet... I have spent some quality time with the codex and even cuddled a little.  From that quality time I came up with a new list.  and here it is!

Friday, March 25

Coteaz + Paladin deathstar = broken? new GK list 2000pts

After giving the new Grey Knights Codex a through and hard thought perusing I have seen one list that I wish I didn't think of... The reason is because I only want to do a pure GK army and I feel that this Coteaz + Paladin deathstar isn't fluffy at all, it just feels like taking the codex and finding a way to break it...

Thursday, March 24

First game with Grey Knights

Don't call it a come back, Ive been here for ages
- lyrical poet LL Cool J
Post something Duke! Everyone has been yelling at me to put something up on my blog (and by everyone, I mean the voices in my head.) Honestly, I Have been so wrapped up in running Feast of Blades that my personal hobby time has come down to nothing.  However....... I did get in a game tonight and broke off some of the rust.

Sunday, March 13

Grey Knights Razorback

Ok, so here is my recent project, a GK razorback.  I have taken off the doors and made a mold to replace the doors with some cool sculpture/art things.  I am liking how the doors are coming along, but I am struggling on the front portion and the back door...This is where you come in (Pictures after the break.)

Friday, March 11

Moment of silence for Japan.

I have been really really busy this last week, so busy that I haven't been able to update my much loved blog. Sometimes life just gets that way...

Anyhow, I just wanted to shoot out a non-gaming article reminding us to all be aware of the beauty of "everyday," life and to be thankful that no life changing events have happened to you today (hopefully). The good people over in Japan woke up thinking it would be another day, some complained about going to work, some looked forward to events happening that day. None expected this day to be their last.

My thoughts and prayers go out to those affected by the Tsunami the effects of which will change lives forever.

Long story short lets take a moment of silence to count our own blessings and to send our prayers/thoughts to the people in Japan.


Wednesday, March 2

Grey Knights list

Well I have taken a little time to write up a nice little Grey Knights army list for you all.  Im not going to post points, except to say that this is a 2000 points list.  The idea here isn't to see what exactly is in the Grey Knights Codex, but to make an army list based on the info flying around out there... So all standard Caveats apply.

Grand master:
 - Makes Purgation squads scoring
 - Warding stave (2+, 2++)

3 Paladins
 - 3 Warding Staves

Purgation Squad:
 - 4 Psycannons:
Putgation Squad:
 - 4 Psycannons
DreadKnight 155
 - Heavy Psycannon

10 Grey Knights:
 - 2 Psycannons
 - Rhino
10 Grey Knights:
 - 2 Psycannons
 - Rhino
10 Grey Knights:
 - 2 Psycannons
 - Rhino

Fast Attack:
Storm Raven
 - For grand master and crew.

2000 points

All said the army is packing 14 psycannons (s7 ap4 Heavy 4/ assault 2 Rending) 1 Heavy Psycannon??? a Raven and all the close combat goodness of the Grey Knights.  Before you say anything, this is a Rock-Paper-Scissors army... So I know there is an army out there that would walk all over this, but that isn't the point.  We all know paper beats rock, so get off it!

Things this army will be strong against
- Razors and Rhinos.  They will slaughter AV11 with 4 st 7 rending shots, and the power armor inside the rhinos will be like cloth if the GK have NFW=PW.

Things they will be weak against
- Hordes and Heavy armor.

Hope you all like the look at what GK are RUMORED to be able to bring. What plans do you have for your list?


Tuesday, March 1

Making of the Radio Controlled Land Raider...

So for those of you who watched the first video and thought "How the hell did he do that?!!" here is how...