Thursday, June 30

Battle Field Of Dreams

A wonderful and daunting task has fallen into my hands. I have found a game store in my little/big town of Naples. No big deal right?...Not so fast, there are complications and I need your help.

Tuesday, June 28

Dragoon 6: Tournament Report

A low angle shot, Army in ranks behind.

So I went to a tournament this past weekend. It was just a local community affair, nothing terribly big or fancy. But I always feel that when you are breaking back in, you need to start somewhere, and Adepticon is probably not a wise choice. Thus, there I was at castle games in Colorado Springs, to pit my Imperial Guard against nine others, and compete for smallish prizes for 1st overall, best competitor, and Best Presentation. Here is what I brought:

Monday, June 27

Feast of Blades Update: Mission packs printed


Feast Of Blades mission packs are hot off the press and ready for distribution to a news stand (game store) near you. Read on to catch a first glance at the goods.

Saturday, June 25

Power Weapon Week: how to do lightning effects by Duke

Hey everyone, this is the last article for power weapon week!  I hoped that some of you learned how to paint a little differently, if not then oh well.  The way I paint power weapons is somewhat similar to how Immortal does his, but I like to add the "lightning effect," to mine.  Read on and Ill give you a step by step on how I do it.  

Thursday, June 23

HOBBY: Painting Power Weapons by Immortal

Hello again, Immortal here with a "how to" article on painting power weapons as part of our "power weapon week" series.

Now, there are dozens of styles and ways to paint your weapons, and each have there merits. I chose to go with a style very similar to those shown in Codex: Grey Knights; a mirrored blue color. The majority of my Blood Angel army is (you guessed it) Red, but a few of my units such as my Sanguinary Guard are not (see my "Death-(From-Above)-Star" article further down LINK. The blue accents the fact that the weapon is powered just by contrasting the red (or bone/white) armor.

Tuesday, June 21

Power Sword Week, Hellblades

Hello all Swags here with my contribution to Power Sword week.

I volunteered to show off some of my Bloodletter Hellblades for my part, cuz when it comes to power swords who does it better than the minions of Khorne right.

Its power weapon week!

Not long ago Immortal did a post on his  Death (Star) From Above.  In the comments there was a clamoring for a tutorial on how to do power weapons the way he did it.  Well, I thought it would be a good idea to do a whole week of power weapon posts (we will still do other posts too).  As such, this week each of the writers has written a tutorial on how they do power weapons in their own style. This articles will be:

Immortal: Power weapons with glow effects
Swags: Hellblades
Duke: Power weapons with lightning effects.

I hope you like themed weeks...If so we will do more every so often.  Keep an eye out later today for the first 'power weapon week,' posts.


Monday, June 20

Introducing a new author: Swags

Well, folks of the internet... The Inferno continues to grow.  I wanted to introduce
you to our newest writer: Swags.  He is a helluva' Hobbyist and  a pretty cool guy
to boot.  Without further ado, take it away Swags. -Duke

Thursday, June 16

The Casual-Competitive player

Hey everyone... I wanted to talk about an idea that I have been having for a while.  I know it isn't entirely original, but Id like to go over it anyhow.  Lately I have been referring to some gamers as a "Casual-Competitive," gamer, today I wanted to talk about what that is.

Wednesday, June 15

Immortal's "Death-(From-Above)-Star" WIP

Immortal here with a quick WIP that I've been working on for my Blood Angels Descent of Angels list (the truest to form way of playing Sanguinius' own, IMO)... a custom Dante, Sanguinary Guard, custom Librarian, Sanguinary Priest, and a free handed banner. All in all, this is my Blood Angel Death-(from-above)-Star. This is going to be my center-piece army in my Wargames Con 2000 point grand tournament army in Austin, TX July 9th and 10th.

Tuesday, June 14

The Old Guard Perspective: Vol.2

The Old Guard Perspective Vol.2: "Catching back up" 
  If you have not read my first article, it was posted just a few days ago on this blog. You should read that, before you read this one.  For those of you who did happen to read my first post, or those who don't mind... read on.

Introducing a new Author

Hey all, Duke here... I wanted to drop a quick line and introduce a new author to The Inferno, and to the loyal readers.

In my experience, blog readers want lots of updates and decent articles that help either pass the slow day at work, or something they can read to further their game.  In an effort to deliver that to you I am adding another new author: Dragoon 6.

In my opinion, The Inferno (Right now) is more about real gamers talking to real gamers...Im not going to try to act like I am the end all of list building, and Im not going to be an emo-bitching-blogger.  I envision a place that is very similar to the discussions you have with your buddies when your sitting around after gaming night.

Why Dragoon6?

Dragoon6 used to be one of the more prominent gamers in Colorado, he won many, many tournaments and was always a force to be reckoned with.  Then, he was called to serve our country (Currently all writers of the inferno are either active duty or prior service).  He admittedly lost some touch on the game.  Finally he is at the point where he can start climbing his way back to the top tables, it is this interesting journey that I thought would bring a different perspective on the posts here, just one gamer talking to another about how to get back to the top tables when you have fallen a bit behind.

I hope you all enjoy his posts.


Monday, June 13

GK FAQ out!

Well, well, well, the Grey Knights FAQ has come out and its time to look over this bad boy and see what stuff we can and cannot do.

Tuesday, June 7

Update: Blinged out Land Raider

Just a quick post today... Not much to say, but since a picture is worth a thousand words, Ill just post a few of those.  Without further ado, here is my GK Land Raider WIP.

Monday, June 6

The Old Guard Perspective.

 The Old Guard Perspective: 
Guest Post by Dragoon 6

     I have been playing Imperial Guard for a going on eight years now. In may of 2009, mere weeks after the arrival of the latest version of the IG Codex, I went to Basic Training
(USAF). Ever since I have been forced to be a casual player, but remain an intense observer. I am looking to get back in again after two years away, and I have no real desire to try a new
faction. This series of articles will be an in-depth look at how and why I choose my build. Hopefully the thoughts I share will give other players a new perspective on Imperial
Guard, the people who play that faction, and perhaps 40K in general.
     One of the most critical things to understand when going through and revisiting ideas is that you must know as much about where you've come from as you do about where
you are. So in that Spirit, we will go through the recent history of the Imperial Guard in the context of 40K in general.
 One of the best places to start, I think, is with my old list.

Thursday, June 2

HOBBY: Milk jug light box.

Guest post by 

I am always looking for new and better ways to do everything that revolves
around 40K. But the one thing that I have found is, no matter now much
hard work I put into this hobby, it can only be seen in all its glory by the small group
of people that I meet in public or the infinite number of people who
might find blurry, unfocused, badly lighted pictures on the Internet. Time to fix that!

Wednesday, June 1

Feast of Blades Qualifier missions are up

As some of you know I run a GT/Con called "Feast of Blades," LINKAGE.  Read below to see what is new.