Monday, May 14

Real Time Painting Log 13

Thursday April 5, 2012 = 2 ½ hours

Friday, May 11

The world is flooding! fire will consume all! Stop whining about 6th

Lately it feels as if a lot of people are running around crying "the sky is falling."  Well, I'm here to tell you that it isn't. Come on in the water is fine.

Wednesday, May 9

Real Time Painting Log 12

Week 3 Tuesday April 3, 2012 = 3 hours

Real Time Painting Log 14

Sunday April 8, 2012 = 3 hours

Real Time Painting Log 11

Sunday March 31, Day 11 = 4 hours
End of week 2, total for the week = 20 hours
Overall total 48 hours

Tuesday, May 8

Freehand masterclass: Dali

Salvador Dali: Persistance of Memory

Today I wanted to do another quick post on what I have been up to lately with my painting.  Maybe we will even get into a little bit of an artsy-fartsy-discussion...

Friday, May 4

New Flier rules and analysis

 Sometime in the last day or so the new flier rules were leaked, well nobody invited me to the leak party so now Im going to have to make up for it but doing a unit analysis right here on the inferno.

Wednesday, May 2

Aquila News: 6th Edition Vehicle rumors!

Breaking news!!! There are some new vehicles (and new rules) coming to 6th ed. Read on for more.

Tuesday, May 1

A great podcast episode

I listen to a good deal of Podcasts, they are great for my short drive to work.  Usually though, I turn them off when I get into the office and don't listen to it again until I'm back in the car.  Yesterday was different, I had been hearing good things about a podcast called "The Codex Project."  Since my regular podcast (11th Company) hadn't put up a new episode I decided to give this new one a listen, and the topic of the day?  Broken Codex design!