Friday, December 31

Lawyer up!

For those of you who didn't hear yet about the legal suit that is currently happening between Chapterhouse Studios and Games Workshop I wanted to post a little ditty here about my thoughts regarding this whole affair.  For those of you who do know about it and have an opinion, post some comments in the comment field.

Monday, December 27

Gamers block.

lately, I have been feeling very blocked creatively. For some reason I have had no impetus do do anything modeling or painting related. Most of my hobby time has been dedicated towards other pursuits like tearing apart the dark eldar codex and planning for my upcoming large tournament: feast of blades.

Friday, December 24

Video Bat rep BA vs BA 1

  Battle Report between Blood Angles and Blood Angels, 2000 points.  The Video and and short wrap up included after the break.

Tuesday, December 21

Duke to Jawaballs: High five!

Tonight, I talked to Jawaballs and he is doing a cool little project for me that I wanted to share (and also to give him an internet high five.)

Friday, December 17

New Eldar Aspect Warrior (FW)

As some of us have heard, or know, Forge-world is working on an Eldar Imperial Armor.  It has really been a long time coming.  It seriously feels like the boys over at forge-world haven't done any thing outside of Orks and Imperials for ages.

Thursday, December 16

Grey Knights

Im really excited about the release of the new Grey Knight Codex next year (March-May). I have always thought that GK were one of the coolest armies in 40k, but there were two things holding me back.

Sunday, December 12

Blood Angels new list: Chaplains a-go-go

  In my theory hammer post a few days back I mentioned a new unit that I was trying out that was one of those "Super friends," type things.   I have played it in a couple of games and the squad hits like a ton of bricks.
  Anyhow, I was asked in that same post to put up the entire army list that accompanies that particular squad.  Well, ask and ye shall receive!

Friday, December 3

NEW 40k Movie announced (Not Ultramarine)


Late last night Games Workshop responded to the reception of its first foray into the realm of film making.