Monday, October 31

Tactica: How to play vs GK pt 1 "A tale of two hoods,"

All over the internet, and very often the topic of our Wed night gaming sessions is talk about how tough the current GK codex is.  I have covered before how some people are just outright refusing to play against them and some are going as far as denouncing tournaments just because GK are fairly common right now in the tourney scene.  Well, I wanted to write this article as a GK player and tell you how to play against Grey Knights.

Friday, October 28

Chaos Greater Damon Part 2

Hi everyone, I'm back to finnish my recent article on the Giant Greater Daemon.
No real tricks with this one, just a fun little glamor shoot with the big man.

Monday, October 24

Having fun at tournaments while losing? (Feast of Blades Feats of Strength)

   The Feats of Strength

     As you know, the writers on this blog each have (or had) a hand in helping Duke birth of the Feast of Blades. My contribution to this process is this series of Video game style acheivements. If a player accomplishes one of the tasks I have set out for them sometime during the course of
the convention, they will earn a hand-made Purity seal, denoting thier awesomeness. For those of you reading with the intent to attend the Feast, and attempt to complete the feats,  you should know that these cannot be acheived at the open gaming tables, only in sanctioned events that are being run by con staff. Also, even if you acheive a feat multiple times, you will receive only one purity seal. Perhaps next year, we will have some sort of device to denote multiples of an acheivement.

  So without further ado, here are the Feats of Strength!

Tuesday, October 18

Chaos Greater Daemon Part 1

Well Its almost fall time again and that always makes everyone think Halloween.

Since you cant have Halloween without Daemons I thought I would continue with some inside looks of one of my favorites.

Monday, October 17

Was the lack of News From GW getting you down?

Was the lack of news and rumors about the Necron codex getting you down on the whole release?  Or are you intrigued by the silence?

Here is my $.02... And GW business discussion!

Friday, October 14

Bag Man Pt 2 - Solutions!

Not long ago I did a little article on the bag man, some of you might remember him.

It was a bit of a rant with some truth on the side and a helping of humor for desert. But now its time to get serious and "put up or shut up as it" were.

Thursday, October 13

TOGP: The Eye of the Tiger?

      In the Spring, I dedicated this year to getting the Old Guard back in the picture. It's not proven as easy as I had hoped. This article deals with some of the "what's the point" that those who have lost something go through to regain it. Myself included:

Tuesday, October 11

Monday, October 10

Feast of Blades Invitational Terrain Complete!

Feast of Blades Terrain Day: Part II
by Immortal

Well… after great toil and trouble from the minions of the Fabricator General (Damien), the BRAND NEW terrain for the 40K invitational is done!. 32 tables worth of terrain including 3 hills, 2 bases of trees, and one master-crafted ruin big enough to hide a Land Raider in per table have been built, based, sanded, flocked, painted, dry-brushed, and air-brushed. They have passed inspection from the highest scrutiny of the Adepts of Mars and are ready for play!
I for one wish that I didn’t have to judge this tournament, as it looks like it’s going to be a blast! Missions have been posted on  as well as 3++ ( and look like a lot of fun (and are, we’ve been play testing them thoroughly).
This weekend we finished the great terrain project as I wrote about last week (here). We focused on finishing the hills and ruins as well as putting bases on the trees.

Thursday, October 6

Blog Discussion: What will 6th edition bring?

Today is just going to be a short post, as I am hoping to simply generate discussion as opposed to have you just listen to my thoughts.

What Changes do you think are coming in 6th ed (It is ok to wish list)?

Put it in the following format:  "What I think we will see and What we will most likely see and will 6th be a change for good?"

Here is my thoughts

Tuesday, October 4

The Bag Man... Bagging for advantage?

Well Ard Boyz is over, for most of us that is, and my end of the week games here can go back to 2000 points. All the hot button issues can be put on the back burner and rules lawyers can relax, enjoying the simple things in life.

But that's never gonna last, time to grind some gears people.

Today's subject, the Bag Man!

Monday, October 3

Feast of Blades Terrain

Feast of Blades: Terrain Day Part 1
by Immortal

The minions of Duke have been hard at work preparing for Feast of Blades, and a large part of that preparation is making vast amounts of terrain. On a sunny Saturday we gathered in a dusty and vast warehouse in the industrial sector of Denver full of everything that one could imagine for various parties or gatherings. The warehouse, owned by a company called Creative Rentals, was the staging point and workshop that was a terrain builders dream.