Wednesday, February 29

Tournament Talk: Feast of Blades, Battle Points and Win-Loss

Today I wanted to talk about the Feast of Blades Invitational and go over some of the different styles that exist for tournaments currently.  Lets just jump right in, shall we?

Tuesday, February 28

Necron codex frustration

As I was building lists over the weekend I came to have an interesting appreciation for the Necrons codex. The whole weekend I felt that I was about an inch from glory, but every time I thought I had "that unit," I found out some other horrible downside... I don't know if GW did this on purpose with good game balance or if it is an interesting accident, but lets get into what I saw.

Monday, February 27

List of the Week: A Necrons @ 2000 pts

This weekend my wife was out of town on a "girls weekend," as such I decided to pour over the Necron codex until I found a list that I was comfortable in playing.

Friday, February 24

Last Week of the Spikey Bits Giveaway!

The Spikey Bits giveaway is underway and going well. Just to recap, every time a person leaves a non-idiotic comment on a post published in February, said person receives one entry into a random drawing for a $20 Spikey Bits gift certificate.

Thursday, February 23

The Joy of Small Games: The Grey Knight Conundrum

I've written about small games and my small Tyranid army before on Duke's Inferno. I've also promised to discuss my Grey Knights. I started with the silver marines when the Grey Knight Terminators caught my eye after their release during 3rd edition. While most of my old knights were cruelly taken from me, some remain, and have been recently bolstered by a Land Raider purchased for a pittance on eBay due to the title "Lnd Rader for Warhamer." Here's what I have done and what I shall do.

Wednesday, February 22

GW business discussion: Now you release them?!

Seriously, Sometimes I feel like GW's release schedule is like breaking up with a girl and finding out two weeks later that she got a boob job lost 10 pounds and finally got rid of that annoying laugh.

What in the world am I talking about?  Well, unless you have been living under a rock for the last few days you'll know that GW just announced models for Thundercav and several Tyranid enteries.  The following are my thoughts on the whole thing.

List of the Week: Blood Angels Mech 2000 points

This list is brought to us by one our emeritus writers: Immortal.  He recently took this list to a local 47 man RTT over the weekend placing 20th.

Friday, February 17

Excommunicate Traitoris: Introducing Infinity

In this new feature we will risk being declared Excommunicate Traitoris by not only examining, put playing and even purchasing miniature wargames from companies other than Games Workshop. Now let us pray to the dark Spanish gods of Corvus Belli and look into Infinity.

Thursday, February 16

Building a Necromunda Gang For No Money

I am not a rich man. Miniature wargames, on the other hand, we are a rich man's hobby. Even something as small as a Necromunda gang can put a dent in one's budget. When it was announced at my FLGS that a Necromunda campaign was going to be started up, I decided I was going to find my way in. While I may not have much in the way of resources, I am resourceful. Using this, I've managed to put together a small gang. Here's how I did it.

Wednesday, February 15

Community rant... Stop pointing fingers.

Who "ruined/ is ruining the hobby"? Obviously it is the WAAC players with all their hard core lists and extreme rules knowledge abuse.  Or wait, maybe it is the Fluffy bunny who can't remember the stats of their army that they have been playing since 2nd ed... Seriously guys, STOP IT!

Tuesday, February 14

Survival Mode

Hello all, In my quest to bring you interesting and different articles, not like those "Just for fun" picture posts, I have been reminded to talk about one of the fun training aids that I use every now and then.

Drum roll please... Now entering SURVIVAL MODE!!!

Monday, February 13

Spikey Bits Giveaway: The Standings

The Spikey Bits giveaway is underway and going well. Just to recap, every time a person leaves a non-idiotic comment on a post published in February, said person receives one entry into a random drawing for a $20 Spikey Bits gift certificate.

Necron "Rapid Deployment" List of the Week.

We all know Necrons can be super speedy in the standard movement phases. But one thing I never see people talk about is the speed necrons can move on to the table.

Friday, February 10

For the Fun of it! Hello Kitty Edition!!!

OK, whats the deal with Kitty?

It seems that cute has a hold on the grim dark future...How can that be?

Thursday, February 9

Will 6th ed bring back the lost sheep?

Over the last little while I have seen guys getting burnt out on the state of 40k. It might be for a myriad of reasons. Well this morning I was thinking about the 6th edition rumors and thought to myself "Will it make a difference?" Lets see.

Wednesday, February 8

The Joy of Small Games: 1000 Points of Tyranids and small war tactics

As I mentioned in my debut post here at Duke's Inferno, The Joy of Small Games, I had the majority of my minis stolen a few years back and am currently limited to playing rather small games. (Read the comments section of my previous post if you want to hear my sob story) As was promised, I am now going to share with you what my Tyranid collection currently consists of, and the 1,000 point army I have made from it. So here's what I have:

Tuesday, February 7

Conversions: Epidemius-Bringing the Tally Man to Life

Who doesn't love Nurgle?

Its easy to say, for me at least, that Nurgle is one of the most fun things in 40k to build/paint.

Probably the easiest thing to convert and paint as well. That said, I thought I would treat you to my version of Epidemius.

Monday, February 6

Giveaway! The First Monthly Duke's Inferno & Spikey Bits giveaway

That's right, at the end of February, we'll be giving away a shiny new $20 Spikey Bits gift certificate. Rob Baer of Spikey Bitz was generous enough to donate this to us for our giveaway.

Each sane, rational, non-idiotic comment you leave on a post that goes live this month will get you a single entry to win the prize. Posting something inane like "f1rst" or "yeah" will get you disqualified. In addition, please follow us with your google account so we can track you down and give you your winnings.

Check back on the first of March to see if you're the winner.

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List of the week: Eldar 2000 pts

Hey hey hey! It's Monday (after the super bowl) so time to drag your still-drunk self out of bed and get to work.  To help make the day of Advil and coffee go a little better here is a list for you to ponder today!

Friday, February 3

Wednesday, February 1

Feast of Blades: Staff meeting today

Tonight we are having a big staff meeting for Feast of Blades 2012.  As always I like to get input from the player base to make sure that we are always trying to make the event something that you are excited to attend.