The writers of The Inferno.


   I began my 40k stuff from an early age, and it all started because of "Battle Masters." I was introduced to Warhammer by a friend in grade school who showed me a 1 v 1 battle of a High Elf Hero vs. Chaos Lord.  After My Chaos Lord ate the wiry little elf I was hooked!  I have been playing ever since.  Though I started on WHFB I quickly switched to 40k once I saw RT... I didn't start getting "competitive," until I came back to the states from Europe (3rd ed.) This was my WAAC time.  A friend and I traveled all over California/ Nevada to play in GW GT's.  I won my share of Tourneys and GT's in that day, including the LA GT with my Rhino Rush Blood Angels (good times!).  Since then I have become more "Casual-Competitve." I love writing about business practices since my professional life and my academic career are all centered around that.
 My Armies include:
- 8000 points of Blood Angels
- 25000 (approx) of Eldar (I went nuts with the apoc sets!)
- 2000 points of Luna Wolves
- 2000 Points of Deathwing
- 2000 points of Grey Knights
- 2000 points of Custodes (GK)
- 2200 points of Warriors of Chaos.

Interesting real life point: Im a happy husband and proud father of 2 boys and a little princess.  I was an Officer in the United States Air Force (LT.).  My 5th generation great grandfather was General Robert E. Lee and I have 2 family members who signed both the declaration of independence and the Constitution. (Im overly proud of my family history...)

Favourite 40k moment:  I was at the top table of a Large GT (200+ attendees) and was about to lose when an opponent charged his VERY expensive Daemon Prince (3rd ed) into my speeder.  It was the bottom of his turn and all he had to do to win was say "game over," but he got greedy and wanted to "hulk smash me."  Well, he did blow up my speeder, which exploded and killed his Daemon Prince.  With the move in victory points shifting heavily to me I pulled out a 1st place win. Morale of the story:  I win even when Im losing.

Favorite Quote:  "Fly, Fight, Win!" US Air Force Mission Statement.


The main reason for my 40K existence lies in the heart of one man named Dave Lock. A real Marine who played me in my first game of 40K.

Gave me 2 or 3 units of SM’s, might have had a Dread as well, not sure. Had the basic kits on them as anyone might play.

And what did he do, took 2 or 3 units of guard (3rd Ed. Guard that is) with hardly any upgrades. Deployed them and proceeded to explain to me how to do the same.

My marines were unstoppable killing machines that day!
We marched straight up on the Guard blasting away, destroying every mofo in the room. It was epic in my eyes, little did I know he had suckered me in on the first day.

He played the dirtiest chaos trick ever on me by instilling false hope in my abilities and skill on the battle field.
Dave then went on to rain hell fire on me for quite some time after that and I thanked him after each beating, I mean lesson, from then on out.
Its also important that I give a shout out to my life long friend CJ for taking me out there that first day. Then soon after showing up at my door with a box of Chaos Marines. He put it in my hands and said "First one’s free" and that was it. I was hooked.

- 5000 pts: Chaos Space Marines
- 2500 pts: Kroot Merc force (Unplayable joy!)
- 3000 pts: Daemons
- 4000 pts: Necrons
- 3000 pts: Marines (WIP)
- ???? ORKS (Could happen soon)

Real life stuff?

Sure, I exist in the real world as well as the 40K universe. I was a born artist/builder in the sometimes sweltering sometimes frozen hell scape of the Midwest. Illinois to be exact, central Illinois that is. Corn fed rednecks, classic rock and above ground swimming pools, hell we even had an indoor out-house at our place!
At the early age of 16 I started in the print business and that puts me at over half my life printing. Also I must admit that I love doing it and it allows me to all kinds of things game related. Like get paid to sit here now and do this post down in sunny Florida!

Favorite chance happening in a game of 40K?
So glad you ask. I will never forget playing one of the Imperial Armor reinactment missions from the Tau based book. (Cant remember the name right now.) It was preset units and deployment on the short edge. I was pounding away on a good friend (Mike D.) who was commanding the Guard side. Everything was going as planned except for one Le Mann Russ that was making its way up my flank along the long edge.
No matter what I did it just wouldn't stop, so in a last ditch effort I blazed up to it with a Devilfish ending up sitting side by side. No worries for him right? Not so fast imperial scum dog, I deployed Gun Drones and fire into the back armor of 10 with BS 2. One Hit on a 5, to pin...rolled a 6, on the chart...guess what, 6! BOOM BABY!!! The mighty drones survived the explosion and received a special paint job after that day. 


My gaming career: I guess I'm a true 'old school' player since I started playing wargames and D&D back when it started in the seventies.  My best friend and I discovered a club..The Colorado University Strategic Games Society when we were 15 year olds and began our long descent into the world of gaming.  I remember when Chainmail came out and we finally had a chance to try using units of Orcs and Elves in battle for the first time, I'm sure the miniatures looked pretty bad compared to nowadays, but it was great fun at the time.  This is the time period when I first heard of the White Dwarf Magazine and Citadel miniatures, but both were still focused on D&D.  I dropped out of the gaming scene at the age of 17, girls and a lot of other things becoming much more important to me.  Although I always loved miniatures and dabbled in various historicals over the years, I did not have any interest in the GW world until I bought some Wood Elves as a present for a nephew back in 1997.  I had a lot more time and interest and was instantly hooked on WHFB.
    I eventually settled on Dark Elves as an army and made friends with a couple of the best players in the U.S. at the time: Elliot Vigil and Phil Gates who were great help at steering me down the path of damnation...I've been a WHFB player through a few editions now and play my share of tournaments.  I'm never as good a painter as I would like, but have managed to win a few awards doing it.  I love the background of the game and own hundreds of novels, ArmyBooks, White Dwarf Magazines and anything else that GW and BL have published.  I really love the background of 40K also, but have always resisted playing it.  Nothing against the system, but I'm an 'all-in' type of guy and just haven't found the desire to split my passion between the 2 systems.  Having had a very good run lately in WHFB tournaments with my WoC, I am planning a World Eaters army for a debut next year.

my armies:
WHFB - Warriors of Chaos - Lots and lots..
             Dark Elves - Sold 7K point worth but kept enough to start over..

WH40K - World Eaters - Planning stage for 2K worth, waiting for ForgeWorld stuff

Real life:  spent the majority of my adult life to this point in the U.S. Army, which provided me with a lot of travel to interesting places...but my favorite place on earth is New Orleans which is my adopted home-town.  I actually worked as a Horse and Buggy driver giving historical tours of the French Quarter pre-Katrina, quite a change of pace from being a First Sergeant!

Favorite wargaming moment: Has to be the first RTT that Elliot and Phil talked me into playing.  This was 6th Edition and Dark Elves were historically bad (before the WD 'Fix'), but ignorance is bliss so I went into it with the attitude of 'lets have fun'.  First game was against another DE player and I managed to win..cool!  Second game was against a horde army of Goblins..managed a draw (which literally made my opponent throw a hissy fit..He really hadn't read the scenario victory conditions closely enough, a lesson that has always stuck with me).  At this point I'm feeling pretty good, my army had gotten pretty high painting scores and I was feeling a bit cocky..first tournament and all.  
     So, my opponent in the 3rd round is Elliot and he's playing a Beastman army.  I'd never played BM at this point and didn't even own the Army Book, but as he deploys I'm getting more and more excited as I see unit after unit of Warhounds being put down.  I'm familiar with these and know they aren't very tough.  He deploys his General last and tells me it's Morghur..or something like that..and asks me if I have any questions..which I don't.  Well, after he starts turning Warhounds into Spawn left and right I had some questions!  Needless to say he tabled me in 3 turns or so and my cocky attitude changed on the spot, but I learned a valuable lesson...know ALL the books, not just your own.

Favorite quote: "Your status in hell is determined by the size of the bodyguard you bring with you" - Lazarus Long - Robert Heinlein

Crimson Turkey

I've been gaming since I was a munchkin hanging around GW stores a little too long and trying his father's patience. That was back in the days of 2nd edition 40k, the system which hooked me. My first models were a blister pack of two Tyranid Gargoyles whose flying stands promptly broke. That's what fathers with drills are for... right? Over the years other armies piqued my interests. The art-deco Eldar Falcon release was all that I needed to start hemorrhaging money at space elves as well. The 2nd generation of Grey Knight Terminators had a similar effect. Those metal termies still make up the core of my Grey Knight army, although they've managed to pick up a fancy new title and another wound now.

Sadly, a few years ago the vast majority of my miniatures were stolen. After being out of the game for a while I dug up what remained of the collection from the surviving 2nd ed screamer-killer to those venerable Grey Knights and began to rebuild. While having to do all that work again is terrible, I've gained an appreciation for the totally different flow and tactics of small games. A lucky $20 on Craig's List got me two 1000 point BFG fleets and a new addiction as well.

My Armies:
Hive Fleet Werner: 1250pts
Grey Knights: 1250pts
Eldar: Assorted bits in a box... probably around 1000pts when I get around to it.
BFG Imperials: 1000pts
BFG Chaos: 1000pt 

Interesting real life point: I have been called by several friends "the unlikeliest man alive." This is probably because I'm a professional automotive journalist and reviewer and a professional ballet dancer with a penchant for philosophy and Taoist martial arts.

Favorite Gaming Moment: I had taken the objective in my opponent's deployment zone and had left mine totally undefended. Using the 4th edition 'nid codex I moved my 8 termagants out of synapse so they would flee and I could bring them on to my undefended objective. Seven of the eight got shot up after showing up, but the last one passed his leadership test, killed Abaddon, secured the objective, and won me the game. I marked his base and he has ever since then had a knack for performing like a 75 point model.

Favorite Quote: "Never give a sword to a man who cannot dance." Celtic Proverb

Immortal- (Emeritus)

I began playing Warhammer Fantasy when I was 14. I clearly remember sitting on the bus to school in the morning and a friend of mine would bring the rule book to school with him. I was instantly interested in the models, as I had done military models since I was very young. I soon began collecting and playing High Elves and still have a soft spot for them. What grabbed me early on was the artwork and the stories in the army books. The day I turned 16 I was hired by a Hobbytown USA and became one of the 'games guys' there and soon after started playing 40K just before the release of 3rd edition. That same manager now owns his own game store in Boulder, Colorado... Karliquin Games. By the time I was 18 I was running open gaming at the hobby shop and playing in local RTs and GTs in and around Denver as well as running my own RTs at my game store where I was commonly known as the "purple marine guy." Since then I play exclusivley 40K, but will likely get back into WHF shortly with a rebuild of my beloved High Elves. My Armies include:

- 5000 points of my dark purple and bone "Immortals" Chapter Space Marines (paterned as a successor chapter to the Imperial Fists)
             - This is my trademark army, and where I get my name.
- 4000 points of Ulthwe Eldar
- 2000 points of Tau
- 4500 points of Blood Angels
- 6,000 points of High Elves.

Interesting Real Life Point: Interesting real life point: I'm an Infantry Officer in the United States Army (Captain) and will very soon be released from Active Duty (yeah!) and returning to Colorado to be in the National Guard there. I have served 2 tours in Iraq, one enlisted and one as an officer. I am unmarried and have no children, but look forward to a slower life style where I can settle down and focus on the important things (like gaming). My other passions include snowboarding, motorcycles/rally cars, and beer.

Favorite 40k moment: I was 17 when I first placed high at a GT... I took 4th at a "Golden Marine" GT during GhangisCon in Denver. I had no idea that I could place that high, be it luck or actual skill. What really made that tournament was that I got to play my former mentor and 8th grade history teacher... A bald former Marine known for his use of force with a meter stick and your desk. I beat him in the second round with my Eldar against his Chaos Marines, and it was by far one of the most interesting and fun games I have yet to play in all my years of 40K.  

Favorite Quote: "The 'Plan' is to win, and if we don't win it's because we didn't follow the 'Plan!'" (I used this as an official tag line to my Army Emails when I was a Battalion Plans Officer... love it).

DRAGOON 6 - (Emeritus)