Friday, May 4

New Flier rules and analysis

 Sometime in the last day or so the new flier rules were leaked, well nobody invited me to the leak party so now Im going to have to make up for it but doing a unit analysis right here on the inferno.

First a link to the people who deserve it.

Beasts of war

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Here are the Space Marine Flier and the Ork Flier pics!

Storm Talon
pts: 130
BS: 4
Rules: Supersonic, Aerial Assault, Ceramite Plating
Escort craft: attach the Storm Talon to a unit in reserves to deep strike, and it automatically arrives from reserve 6" away from the deep striking unit. (cannot attach to another storm talon)
- Can gain BS 5 if it doesn't move
- No transport capacity
- No melta Weapons or Flamers
- TL hvy bolters upgradable to TL Lascannon
- Potential upgrade to Typhoon missiles (Replaces something?)
- Sky hammer missiles S7 ap4 (how many? One use?)

Burna Bomba
Pts: ?
BS: 2
Rules: Aerial Assault, Supersonic, Waaagh! plane (Can fire twice in the turn you Waagh!
Burna Bomb - S5 ap4 small blast, ignores cover, one use
Grot gunner on one weapon

Dakka jet
BS 2
Twin-linked Dakka Guns, Aerial Assault, Supersonic, Waaag!h! plane
Strafing run - BS 3vs everything but jump infantry and skimmers
Fighting ace upgrade: BS 3 against everything.

My Thoughts:

Storm Talon:  at 11/11/11 it is already attractive for me.  This is going to be competing for a slot with the Land Speeder Typhoon so lets compare it to that, shall we? 

Armor: 11/11/11 VS 10/10/10 - Winner is Storm Talon
Rules: Skimmer, fast vs Flier rules - Winner is Storm Talon
Shooting: Typhoon Missile launcher vs Typhoon ML, TL Assa can, TL Lascan - W = Storm T.
Points: 130 (without upgrades) vs 90 points with upgrades - Winner is Land Speeder
Conclusion:  If the Storm talon can bring a TL Las, a TL assault cannon and a Typhoon ML for under 150 it will be quite a good deal.  I have a sneaking feeling though that the vehicle will clock in at about 165 with that load out, which means it will be an expensive biscuit for psiflemen.  But, with the S7 missiles you might not even want to upgrade to the Typhoon ML, so... Sure the AV 11 is cool, and so are the rules allowing it to deep strike, but in all honesty that deep striking rule is pointless without a multi-melta.  All in all I think the vehicle is neat and it is giving me some curiosity but Im not gaga over it... Looks cool though, like a Space marine helicopter.

Ork Fliers:  Im not going to go into as much detail, mostly because I am not an ork player at all and I don't have an Ork Codex on hand to compare this with.  So, here are my general thoughts...

1. Burna Bomba: I really like the "Waaagh! Plane," Rules.  A few of these and a well timed Waaagh! could really shock your opponent. The sad thing about the bomb is it is one use and only S5 ap4, that thing does nothing for me, especially since it is a small blast.  It would have been cool as a S8 ap4 Large Blast cause then you could go battle suit/ paladin hunting with it... I wonder what other weapons it will have cause I don't think the special rule will allow you to drop a 'one use,' item twice. 

2. Dakka Jet: I don't have enough info to really say anything about this.  I don't know the points and I don't know the weapon stats... If that dakka jet has a high rate of fire then it could be really cool with the strafing run and Waaagh! special rules.  If not then it could be pointless... It all depends!

All in all it is really fun to see fliers in 40k.  As an ex-Air Force Officer I have been wanting fliers for ages.  Perhaps we will have enough now to run a 40k scale 'aeronautica Imperialis,' at the next Feast of Blades...HMMMM.

What are your thoughts on the new fliers?



  1. My thought is; This lettering is hard on the eyes!

    1. I second that. Please change the font colour. :)

    2. Thank you good sir. This is much better.

  2. Rules sound cool, but the pic is ridiculous. It's proportions are all wrong (las to asscan), and the engines/ tail look way off, I realize it's just a scetch...but it seems really sketchy, no pun intended.

  3. Look at it vs. Stormraven- Stormraven is a Huey, Storm Talon is a Cobra. Thats exactly the relationship you get.

    1. I'm thinking more like Blackhawk vs're dating yourself :)

  4. Yea. That is why I don't want to compare it against a Storm Raven, they are two Seperate units.

    Proportions have never been a GW strong suit. That said I'm sure the actual model will look a little more in proportion.


  5. I don't think there is any option for a twin-linked Assault Cannon unless I read and watched the 'unveil' wrong. I'm going to guess that TL Lascannons cost 45 pts range, Typhoon missiles depends on whether it's an upgrade or additional. This thing kitted out is probably in the 200 range.

    I'll be curious to see who can and can't take it..didn't hear anything about GKs, SWs, BA, etc..

  6. No matter how much the upgrades run the vehicle isn't going to be that useful... It is cool and fun, but I don't think you will see it in top lists much, but time will tell (it will also help when we have a full unit entry,lol)

  7. I fully agree Duke it's just fluff. Points cost will be around 200 pts.But Gw has to sell models. So lets have a kick ass flier.
    I could go so far as to say one up codex model has no real purpose.But people buy.

  8. Interesting stuff, curious to see how it works out....