Thursday, July 28

Financial analysis of GW

Ok folks, time to get a little corporate now.  Usually I stray away from talking GW corporate stuff, but with their recent Year End Financial Statements just coming out I can't help myself.  While reading it there was some really interesting stuff out there, lets jump right in and see what goodness Tom Kirby and his associates have given us this year.

Monday, July 25

For The Love Of Tau Part 2

Hello again everyone its time to jump in the air lock and set those phasers to stun!

This is part 2 of my tribute to every ones favorite space slugs, the Tau Empire.

Thursday, July 21

XBOX: Kill team review

This last week I downloaded "Kill Team," which is a precursor to the eventual release  of "Space Marine," by THQ.  I wanted to give a short review and tell you all what I thought/felt about the game.

Monday, July 18

Wargames Con: Reflections of a Fluffy Army in a Competitive Environment

So, Wargames Con has come and gone and with it my short lived desire to play ‘fluffy’ armies in tournaments. Granted, I still feel that I can never fully let go of what an army stands for, after all I did decide to play my Blood Angels for the fact that I love what they are and what they stand for. That being said, I also enjoy the fact that they are competitive, if played in a preticular way (IE, Razorspam). Lets examine the hard lessons I learned in 10 games over 3 days…

For The Love Of Tau part 1

So often we work our little paint brushes to the nub, forcing the love to
pour out of us, creating a wonderful world of amazing minis. We put tons
of time and effort in developing stories to justify our colors and
conversions. And just as we reach the apex of brilliance...we realize things
have changed. The world has moved on with out us as we slaved away attempting
to achieve greatness.

Friday, July 15

The Old Guard Perspective vol. 4

The Old Guard Perspective Vol 4.  Tuning

    Everyone who has any serious intention to do well in a tournament, spends time (sometimes a LOT of time) taking a list they are comfortable with and making it as nasty as they can. People have all sorts of names for this process, but for myself I will borrow a word from the collectibles gamers and call it "Tuning".  So how exactly does tuning differ in the old and new schools of Imperial Guard thought?
       Lets take a moment to recall the main differences between old and new guard thinking:

Thursday, July 14

A public apology: Whats wrong with the internet.

For those of you who don't know, on my last post I called another player a few names that weren't really true.  I wanted to talk today about things that are wrong about the way I approached things.

Tuesday, July 12

Back from WargamesCON

Well, it was two really long road trips and nights where I didn't go to bed until 1 am only to wake up at 6:30 to start gaming.  But if I had the chance I would do it all over again!

Wednesday, July 6

40K Change Up, Elimination Edition

Lets hear it for people doing things different!!!

(Insert cheers here.)

This is a combo post to start off a small series of articles about tournaments, gaming and doing things differently. I am going to put out some ideas as we go through this and you can shoot them down if you like, jump on the band wagon or just ignore them entirely.

Monday, July 4

Independence day

235 years years ago our fathers set forth to achieve something which was before nothing more than an inconceivable notion.  That spark of an idea was freedom.

Saturday, July 2

Dukes WargamesCon Army (GK)

 Since this is WargamesCon week I thought I would show you all the army that I will be taking to the event, my 2000 point pure Grey Knight army.