Wednesday, May 2

Aquila News: 6th Edition Vehicle rumors!

Breaking news!!! There are some new vehicles (and new rules) coming to 6th ed. Read on for more.

MEET: The Tau Empire Vespa. and Tyranid Zamboni-Destructors!

Apparently the drivers are in stealth armor as well!!! This gives them a 2++ invuln

This will make a great addition to the game as 6th edition comes out.  Im really excited for the TL de-icer on the Zamboni.  But it has a huge downside if playing on an ice world because it can only drive in oval-patterns.

The Vespa came with a new rule "Driving on the sidewalks," this allows them to tank shock you three times in one movement phase.  This can be countered by the new "Sticking out your arm," charge response.  On a successful hit you knock the rider off the Vespa and he takes a s 1 'scraping his elbow,' hit.

Well, another Aquila News is behind us return again for the latest in fake news!


  1. lol, you had me there for a second...

  2. +2 for the article, -1 for the Zamboni. Should have kept it to the Vespa.

    Overall score of +3.

  3. Haha, noted on the zamboni. What does +3 get me? Calorie free donuts perhaps?


    1. Calorie free donuts? Calm down there big spender, let's start it out small... It gets you a voucher which, when you collect 6 of them can be exchanged for a voucher that is worth 1/2 a diet coke.

      My god Friday is dragging. Apologies for the spam.