Friday, May 11

The world is flooding! fire will consume all! Stop whining about 6th

Lately it feels as if a lot of people are running around crying "the sky is falling."  Well, I'm here to tell you that it isn't. Come on in the water is fine.

A while back I lived in Slovenia (Next to Italy).  When I was there I ran into a group of people that were fervent believers in their dogma on one particular day they came to me and told me that God was going to flood the world and that I could be saved if I went up to this hill with them where they had stored a few boats.  I kindly declined and silently hoped they were wrong.  Well, a few weeks later I saw them again and I asked what happened.  Their reply was "It was a spiritual flooding, just as God told us it would be."  I figured it was better to not ask about the boats.  After that encounter life went on and sure enough they moved on to a new 'end of the world scenario.'

What is the point of this story?  Well, if it isn't obvious the point is that people tend to create these sort of 'oh-noes,' with things that they are uncertain about.  They make certainties out of half-information and they extrapolate that into doom and gloom.

6th edition might be the worst edition of 40k in every sense.  It might ruin GT's and it may never be carried by FLGS, some other game might replace it... Then again none of this might happen to, the point is that don't make assumptions based on only a portion of the information.

I LOVE RUMORS!!! Ask any of my friends, I'm the first to talk about rumors and what it might mean about the game, but I would never go so far as to say "I won't play...It is all over," usually the rumors tend to be not that bad when grouped as a whole (Blood Angels with FNP everywhere anyone?)

Let's talk about a few of the rumors that will ruin our world and look at them rationally.

Random charge length:  This isn't the best option in a game system, but in all honesty it will most likely extend the possible range of charge distances greatly, this will mean you will get into combat quicker and games will be faster/ more deadly.  Faster, more deadly games are good for the hobby. If I am a casual player I can play more games with more variant builds, if I am a tournament player I can have 8-9 games in two days of a Con instead of 7.

Random psychic powers:  If something is random it must be more deadly, you aren't going to put Jaws in the same pile as blood boil... If psychics get more powerful then the game goes faster and is more deadly

Allies:  This is silly that people are thinking all of the sudden GT's will be ruled by GK/IG builds.  It just isn't the case and I know it won't happen, why? Because I have control of that.

This article isn't to show you how things are going to be good and a golden age is upon us, it is simply that people need to stop whining about how something is going to ruin everything and then they will quit. In all honesty if the game is ruined by 6th edition please quit!  I don't want to sit around hearing you complain about this and that, just find a new game and let the rest of us go on accepting 6th for what it is/ isn't.

here is the way things are likely going to go down. the 4 steps of new edition grief!
1. OMG!!! My army build sucks!!! IM SO PISSED, I WANT TO QUIT!
2. If I do ABC and XYZ then that would be super awesome.
3. Mr. Store owner, can I order 4 boxes of ABC and XYZ?

If that isn't the case and 6th edition 100% ruins the 40k world then I know that the powers that be will act quickly to fix the problem either by editing 6th or doing a IGT 5th edition...

Simply put.  STOP WHINING!



  1. Funny stuff Duke, good thing you didn't go up on the hill. I hear there are aliens in Italy that are plotting to take over our world and possess our bodies. *laugh*

    As for 6th, I can just say "wait and see" don't panic until the ship actually starts to take on water. Then simply, put your crap on the shelf (or ebay) and go do something else or keep playing 5th with your friends. Othewise game on!

    Some random stuff was amusing back in 2nd, but also REALLY dragged the game down having to look up charts all the time. I am looking at you Orks...yea I loved them but hell you had to roll on a chart if they wanted to go to the bathroom!

    The random charge length if true means, we are back to 4th again..."Hello assult armies, good bye shooting armies..." unless they do something to balance them. I have heard of the snap fire if they get charged or the overwatch rumors but again until they are in print I will figure.

    GW trends to me have been this:

    2nd was very shooter based (look at the buckets of dice you could get with the sustained fire dice) and could take a Space wolf terminator force with assult cannons and cyclones and wipe the board...and random

    3rd was a shift, away from 2nd...fairly balanced for the most part...wasn't bad or overly good..

    4th was very assult friendly, killed vehicles (age of plastic coffins)

    5th encouraged transports and shooting armies, some balance restored...

    6th in my guess will be back to close combat armies and vehicles will be plastic coffins again...expect foot slogger lists again.

    We shall see what will happen, I am excited for now until I see the rules at least...then I may cry "THE SKY IS FALLING..." or "GW's STOCK PRICES ARE FALLING...RAISE YOUR PRICES AGAIN!"

  2. This is the same dread and even some of the same rumors that was around before 5th hit.

    Anyone remember that there was going to be a movement stat for al armies like Fantasy? There was going to be a psychic phase like the Fantasy magic phase. There was going to be marching, pre-measuring, and a use of percents for building an army. Yeah these were pre-5th rumors.
    Now there are a few of these in the pre-6th rumors. Wierd how that happens huh?

    play 6th when it hits, keep playing 5th with your friends or quit playing. These are the options people. Deal with it and move on.

    The fear and dread is why I hate rumors, that and sooooo many of them are false.

  3. I love rumors, but I hate it when people get all "I'm going to quit," it is just silly.