Tuesday, November 30


I was thinking, last night on one of my long drives that I do from week to week about Theory hammer. Mostly I was thinking about how cool it is that we have one of the few hobbies that you can actually see how your theories pan out in practice. 

For example, I love soccer (football for you non-yankees) and I have several fantasy teams for the EPL and Champions league, but no matter how hard I try, I will never get to see Steven Gerrard give a great through ball to Arjen Robben who sets up Lionel Messi for a perfect header... Well, I won't see it without a lot of luck and a ton of transfer money. However, I still love chatting about my teams and who could use a striker and who's goalie sucks.

This is where 40k and Theory hammer gets awesome... I can talk to my friends about how cool it would be to run a 2000 pt army consisting of 2 Death Company units and then build and run that army. Not only can I do that, but I have the added bonus of getting to tell my friends how I was so right (or they tell me how right they are) about that unit/ army/ whatever theory.

Once we start including Apoc. into the mix the possibilities are endless. We can really see what a Primarch Daemon Prince would be like on the battle field. Great soccer matches always end the same way when you watch them again, but in 40k you can recreate great battles and have them go differently. You can also build super friends units or even go way overboard and make rules for that old toy AT-AT you have collecting dust

AT-AT = Warhound titan with troop transport? Sure! why not?!

So long story short, get out there and try something new... Im currently working on this theory hammer "Thunder-Bat-Cavalry," Unit and it has been awesome so far.

-Bike, Unleash Rage, Sword of Sanguinius.
- Bike, infernus pistol
- Bike, Infernus pistol
- Bike, Infernus pistol
Sanguinary priest
- Bike, Infernus pistol power weapon.

So, let me know what you guys talk about around the water cooler, what units/combos are running nuts in your head?



  1. Just looking at your Bikes HQ...
    Only a single Sangunary Priest?? I'd love to see a full list of this written out... to bad you can't have bikes as troops, it'd be wicked.
    Knowing that, a few priests with rhino/jump infantry woould highly increase your survivablity and make the bike hit that much harder.

    After my recent games vs wolves and DE (both armies mentioned in this blog) I've decided to go with a transport army (razor's and rhinos) rather then jumps only... 30 reavers buzzing the tower above my jump infantry is fairly painful. Despite having up to 40 jump infantry I rearly actually got the assault off. The temptation to Deep Strike 2 meltas within 6" of an enemy vehicle is too great, but sets myself up to be assaulted shortly after.
    Anyways, look forward to hearing other ideas.

  2. I'll post the entire list here in a little bit.