Thursday, November 18

Webway Portals = Defensive?

In one of the batrep comment areas we have been talking about the proper application of Web way portals. Eventually this got me thinking...

We keep looking for a way to make webway portals an offensive tool, but what if they aren't offensive? I know it sounds weird to have a defensive tool in a glass cannon army that is all about offense, but here is what I am thinking:

A few possible applications for a web way portal.
1. Place it as far forward as it can go to contest a capture and control objective and hope you can move, run and assault onto it.

2. Place it near one of your own objectives that is easy to reach, and havea troops unit come on later in the game to capture it (Less turns on the board = more survivability)

3. Deploy it on an adjacent table quarter in spearhead deployment to give your opponent something to worry about his flanks.

Mostly, as "anonymous," said, Web way portals are fail, but they seem less fail (is that possible?) as defensive tools.


What do you all think? Can a portal be used defensively or is it just pure .....


  1. I am not a DE, especially new DE, expert. But I think they can have their uses.

    If you try to build your whole army around it, yes, I think you can have problems, as is the case anytime you build your whole army around one thing.

    But having it as an option can be good, if you have units that can benefit from it (ie not all mounted in vehicles). Having an extra deployment option is a good thing. Even if you don't use it, the possibility can keep the other player off balance for a while, or cause him to focus excess attention on the portal carrier. If you can afford it I think it can be a good tool, with changing how you use it from battle to battle depending on the circumstances.

  2. I agree with you, it could be used as a good tool, but I guess the question is how much do you want to pay for something that is only useful in specific situations?

    Also, as for building an army around it I don't think that will work that well either, simply because DE don't have a way to stall/ influence reserves at all... Oddly enough Craftworld Eldar would be much better with a Web way portal... Perhaps later?