Thursday, November 11

Wargamer= Crybaby?

As many of you already know the Storm Raven model was leaked today (or at least were pretty sure it was.) Im not going to go into the details of the leak but it can be found on some of my bloglist links to the side.

Here is a picture for those of you, not in the know (and if you aren't in the know how did you find my blog?!)

Now, my point wasn't to necessarily cover the leak of the Storm Raven or even insert what my opinion is about it (Im happy that a model is coming even though some conversions I have seen are truly better.) What I wanted to cover is how wargamers are a bunch of whining children... Actually I have two children and I think Im insulting them by comparing them to wargamers.

Seriously, when the Blood Angels codex was released a lot of people couldn't hold their tongues and started complaining that GW was stupid for not releasing the Gunship with the Codex release. I know because I was one of those people. Soon afterwards we soon many great conversions and yet more people complained about the cost of the conversions (land raiders + Valkryie= $$$). Now we have seen the SR and we know that it must be soon around the corner and all I could hear was about how ugly it is and how it looks like it can't fly (since when were we all Aerospace Engineers?)

Come on guys, stop whining so much! It is almost Thanks giving, for those of us in the U.S. so practice a little bit of grattitude. So what you may not like how it looks, but you have to pick your poison,
1. Nothing at all
2. 'Expensive' Conversions
3. 'Cheap' but 'ugly'

Long story short: As boy band diva Justin Timberlake would say "Cry me a river,"


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