Friday, October 29

Dark Eldar Halloween story

This is actually a post I made on BoLS back in 2008. But since it was about Dark Eldar I thought it was fitting to repost it.

Elias sat quielty in his study, reading over a recently aquired book from the Macharian Crusades. Making himself comfortable he rested his legs on the desk, leaning back in his chair. The warm light of the room guiding him softly to a slow slumber.

He only had his eyes closed for a moment when he heard footsteps coming down the hall, his heart skipped a beat like klaxons blaring. When he saw her he calmed quickly, it was his lovely wife, carrying a nice warm cup of tea. The scent of honey and cinnamon calming his nerves ever more.
"Are you ok honey? I hope you aren't frightened by some tea." She asked, jokingly.
"Im fine love, I don't know what got into me."
He sat up to give her a soft kiss on the cheek while she handed him his drink. He took a small sip, making sure to lick his lips before drinking, to protect them from the heat. She laughed as he did this,
"You don't still think that helps do you?"
"Sure it does, cause I say so," He laughed as well as she slowly walked away, she knew him so well.
"I love you honey, I don't want to ever go from this moment, I don't know what I would do without you."
She stopped, still facing away from him and said soflty with a sadistic tone,
"Oh don't worry, your not going anywhere," She turned slowly, and he could see her horribly scarred face. The skin flaking off like the skin of peeled fruit, whole spots of her long black hair were missing, from where the flames had eaten it away and her left upper lip was gone. The eye on the same side was shriveled and rotten. In that moment he remembered what had happened to her, how she died with the rest of his family when the 'raiders,' came, the nightmare of their death and how he could do nothing. . . His heart stopped.

Soon he awakend, surrounded by terror filled screams and blood dripping from an unknown scource on the wall. Images of torture admistered by laughing masters assailed him. Dogs ate living men while healers kept them alive.
"Not so soon Commander, I would love to let you die and give your soul to she who thirsts, but first tell me what I want to know." hissed Archon Malelil
He still had some strength, he wouldn't let her die in vain. Malelil smiled.

"No? Well then lets find another precious memory to play with then shall we?... Hmm, this one looks tasty, your children... Let us taste their pain then."

All he could muster was a terror filled and hoarse cry as he relived his best memories made into nightmares. As he entered another memory of the past a single tear fell to the ground.

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