Friday, April 8

Email in list (ish): grey knights 2000 pts


In the comments of my last battle report  a Mr. Anony Mous asked me to post up my most recent incarnation of My Grey Knights list.  Ask and you shall receive, just don't hate me if you don't like it.

"I really like you list
Pure grey knights for the win!!
Mind if I try it out (full credit to you of course!)
So if you don't mind , a detailed list please 
(primarily your grand master kit)
Thanks and keep up the good work!!!"

- Anon.

So, here it is.

Grandmaster: 235pts
 - Halberd
-  Blind Grenades
- Psycktroke Grenades
- Rad Grenades
- 3x servo skulls

Librarian: 175
- Shrouding
- Might of Titan
- Sanctuary
- Quicksilver
- Warp Rift
- Vortex of doom

Paladins: 255
- Banner
- MC sword
- MC Hammer
- Sword

Strike Squad: 285
- Halberd Justicar
- Hammer
- 2x psycannon
- Razorback with Hvy Bolter and Psybolt ammo

Strike Squad: 285
- Same

Strike Squad: 175
- Halberd Justicar
- Hammer
- Psycannon
- Razorback with Heavy Bolter and psybolt ammo

Psiflemen dread: 135
Psiflemen dread: 135

Land Raider Redeemer: 260235+
- Multi Melta
- Psybolt ammo

Total: 1940 = 60 points to spare for "flavor"

Tactics: Pretty simple here, the 10 man squads combat squad and the psycannons form a heavy fire base.  The razrobacks bug the Landraider who is casting shrouding, this should help the razors to have a 3+ cover when not popping smoke.  The dreads do their thing, just don't be tempted to shoo >av12 with them, they are DT killers, keep it that way.  This list has a weakness against AV 14, but the Land Raider and Libby are ok counters to that.  Remember that Warp Quake gives an auto pen (if you're close) and the Vortex is St 10 Ap 1 12" (if you aren't close), or shoot the st 7 Assault cannon and Multi melta and hope you immobilize it before you assault it with st +2d6 hammers.  That is about it with this list.

if you want to change stuff-  take out the one 5 man squad you can fit in a Vindicare, which would help against Land Raiders... But up to the flavor you are looking for, you also lose a scoring unit, so...

Then again, if that doesn't work there is always...........

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