Tuesday, April 5

Grey Knights model review/ project log.

Over this last weekend I assembled all my infantry for my 2k Grey Knights.  All said this is what I bought:

25 Power armor Grey Knights (5 boxes)
10 Terminator Grey Knights (2 boxes)
1 Land Raider Redeemer
3 Razorbacks

I also have som dreads that I am going to convert into psiflemen.

So here is my review of the models themselves:

- The first thing I noticed when I was assembling the bodies is that the mould lines are  almost non-existant.  Normally, with plastic models it takes as much time cleaning the mould lines as it does assembling the model (if not more).  The GK models were very clean in that respect, only the top of the backpack was in "obvious," need of cleaning the lines.

- HOLY BITZ! if you don't play GK, make friends with someone who does!  I will never be short on any sort of power weapon even again, I already had tons of fists left over from the Death Company sprue, but now I have swords coming out my......  The best part is since they are supposed to be for the falchions you have both left and right handed power weapons!  In fact, if you could get extra legs and torsos you could make almost another whole squad with the extra bits.

- Pose-ability: I had a great time making my guys look all crazy dynamic.  For my combat squads I made the storm bolter guys (who hang out with the combat squaded psycannons) look like they were shooting, while the other combat squad in the razor looks all action-jackson-choppy.  lots of fun here.

- Plastic libbies: Everyone has said it, but now I am... These sprues will allow lots and lots of libby conversions... Just use a small amount of grey stuff to cover the GK inscriptions on the armor and your good to go.

- Other: I always have a hard time assembling models that hold two handed weapons, something about it always gets me where I end up with glue all over my fingers.  Then I have arms that were out of position when they glued and leave a little gap.  Eventually I get it right, but the psycannon in particular was like this for me and the little "handle," that he is carrying it with looks odd if you don't get it 'exact,'

All said they are beautiful models, I really had a good time building squad after squad, the extra bits like "Sword in daemon head," and "Daemon decapitated," are really cool and give a ton of character to the army.  I also will be using some of the bits for objective markers, maybe something like "Dead terminator," "Brotherhood banner" or "sword in the stone," one I am doing for sure is stacking all the books they come with into a pile and making that an objective.

Anyhow, that is it for my review.

9/10 final score

What are your thoughts on the models themselves?


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