Friday, April 22

Team tournament List BA & GK 2000 pts

Hello people of the internet... today I wanted to bring you a simple post that shouldn't be too long... We will save long posts for Monday and Tuesday so you can keep yourself occupied at work.  Anyhow, my buddy Immortal and I are getting ready for WargamesCon (BoLScon) and they have a team tourney on the Friday prior to the big show.  The list rules are simple, it must be 2 1,000 point armies.  You cannot use teammates unused points and you must have 1 HQ and 2 Troops.  More after the break.

We decided our armies based off of what we were bringing to the 40k Open GT (Grey Knights and Blood Angels).   *** disclosure*** We did this because we are driving down with 6 people in a van and there simply isn't space for more armies.  As such we looked at what was in our lists and wrote up a team list... And here it is.

Blood Angels Contingent:


 -w/ power weapon

10 RAS:
-  Lightning claws
-  2 meltas
-  Land Raider Redemmer.

5 RAS:
-  PW
-  Melta
-  Razor w/ Heavy Bolter

Baal pred:
-  Hvy Bolter sponsons
-  Assault cannon turret.


Grey Knights:
10 Purifieres
- 4x psycannons
- 1x hammer
- 4x halberd
- razorback w/ psybolt ammo and dozer blade

10 Purifiers
- 4x psycannons
- 1x hammer
- 4x halberd
- razorback w/ psybolt ammo and dozer blade

Vindicare Assassain.

The idea is for me to provide a mobile fire base and to help support his assault... I would have liked to have some TH/SS but he doesn't have any.  I also played around with Draigo and 2 5 man pallie squads, but didn't have any points to upgrade them much.

That is it.  Thoughts?



  1. Hm, interesting. Team dynamics are such a different animals that I can't really give voice to how sound the list is itself, though the way it works at BoLSCON team tournament (at least last year), Blood angels are solid partners since their teammate can use the FNP bubble.

    I'll be going again this year- it's a really fun event. Hopefully this year I can do better than I did last year. :-p

  2. Well, one thing for sure is we aren't trying to win the whole thing (though that would be nice), but we aren't trying to get our trash handed to us either... Mostly we see it as a beer and pretzels sort of day. Not to mention my team mate sucks horrible-ness at 40k Ill likely have to carry him through the whole event (LMAO, sorry bro, had to do it! jk)

    X- what are you and your partner playing?

    What does everyone else think is a good pairing?


  3. We're actually playing in the Fantasy Team Tournament- Dark Elves (me) and Skaven (him). We thought it would be funny to take the two races that don't get along at all with any others (there are actually rules in the main rule book about it, lol). High toughness for the win, hopefully.

    And if he drops or isn't ready in time, I'll play in the mirror-match singles, since they look fun and J-Wolf says I'd do well in them, lol. :-p

    You know there's a team tournament in Fort Collins tomorrow right? 1250 for each team. We'd love to see you down here! It's on the Northern Colorado meetup.

  4. Id love to come to the team tournie...I really think 1250 each is the right spot, but alas... I have a huge test for Grad School next week and need to study :( Thats ok though cause I graduate on May 7... woot!

    In other news, fantasy!? WTF! just kidding. Good luck, Ill have to walk over and do some peanut gallery.


  5. Hmm... I think its horrible. This Immortal guy must be a real (uh) *cough* (uh) great guy.
    Haha, my biggest goal during the tourny is not to loose horribly and get pretty toasted.

    I'm debating taking another priest, but to do so I'd need to drop the typhoon. Thoughts?

    Duke is going to have to carry me alright... probably from table to table, as my ability to walk will be severely impaired by the end of game 2, haha.

  6. Just an FYI, if you see two plastered guys at the team tourney calling out cadences its us!