Thursday, October 21

gold, gold or GOLD? Part 2: the discussion

Let me tell you of one of the dumbest (yet funniest) discussions I have ever had about warhammer...

So, when asking a good buddy of mine what color I should paint my Dante (TM or NMM) he replied "Gold." My response was "Duh, Im going to paint him gold... But what style of gold should I paint him." This is where the dumbest discussion (Yet one of the most hillarious discussions) I have ever had about warhammer.

The discussion points were essentially:
- Only TM is "gold" because it uses a 'gold,' color.
- The defining aspect of a gold color is that it has a metallic in the color (i.e. mica)
- Gold color is entirely dependent on the tone and reflection index.

- The only thing that is actually gold has the chemical symbol "AU," anything else is made to look like gold, and as such we call that color which simulates actual "AU," "Gold."
- Some techniques in achieving the gold look are "metallic," while some are non-metallic in nature. For example, most threads used on sports teams clothing is called gold though it has no metallic bits on it, and doesn't reflect light. (try telling a New Orleans fan that their colors aren't black and gold, or that Notre Dame is not Blue and Gold. Or try telling Salvador Dali he never painted gold, or any metallic color for that matter.)

I ended up having to go into a meeting and so could not continue this discussion. The last comment made was truly awesome and shows how truly pointless the conversation was.

"If it looks like like a duck and quacks like a Duck then it must be a duck? No it could be a robot made to look like a duck and sound like a duck."

At the end of it I felt like I had gone from Masters Degree to about 5th grade in intellect. Because the thing about stupid discussions is that no matter who wins you are now both now dumber.

So what is the dumbest discussion you have had with a friend about warmhammer? I would like to hear. Email me at dukesinferno or comment.

PS- If my buddy is reading this, I win cause Im on the internets, lol!



  1. So what are you going to go with, real duck or robot duck?

    Was this discussion had with a Space Puppy or a TechMarine?

    -your Heavy Bolter Dark Angel

  2. I'm going to go with the true duck... I had this discussion with a tech marine. Should

    I started painting him and am actually happy do far, I'll post some pics soon.