Monday, October 18

Modelling: 4 winged Dante WIP

For those of you who have actually stopped looking at the models its time to go talk about my most recent modeling project: Dante with 4 wings.....Ok, Ill let you look at the other models for a second before proceeding. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Ok, ready? good.

So I always thought that Dante, being chapter master and all, should have more than just some lame regular jump pack with the BA symbol on it. When I saw how cool Sanguinor and Astorath looked I could totally see Dante being like "I like those wings, I think Ill take them." Astorath would whine a bit and Sanguinor would be all quiet but in the end they would give up their wings to Dante: Captain of Awesome.

Well, it took me two weeks after ordering Sanguinor at my FLGS to finally get him (A subject that will be covered in another post). but now I have all the pieces together to build my angelic frankenstein!

- Sanguinary Guard: Torso, Legs, Helm, Shoulder pads, axe arm, with the long handle and axe head cut off.
- Death Company: Infernus pistol arm.
- Astorath: Axe, Wings
- Sanguinor: Single engine jump pack, Wings

I took his axe arm and cut off the axe head along with the long handle and put Astoraths axe in its place. I also Pinned The Sanguinor wings (and strengthened the bond with Green Stuff) directly onto his back. The Astorath wings will be pinned and GS to the Sanguinor backpack (Update coming). And I will take off the base that he is on when the back pack and Dante are painted.

Without further ado here are a few pics (WIP)



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