Thursday, March 31

Holy crap batman! Another GK battle report.

Last night I got to play against my good buddy who was running his latest Space Wolves Build.  It was an interesting game where we both made a few mistakes... click for the full (shortened report)

MIssion: 5 objectives, Standard deployment.

His list (Basic)
- Land Raider Redeemer
 - Arjac
 - 5 Termie wolf guard
    - 3 Storm shield guys, 2 lightning claws
- 2 x 9 man squads in Rhinos
- 2 x 6 man squads in razorbacks
 - 1 Mark of the Wulfen
 - 1 power fist.
- Long fangs squad (5 missles)
- Dread with assault cannon
- rune priest in Rhino (I think there was a squad with him as well.
- vindicator

My list:
- I was using my Grey Knights list version 2.0 with option 1

Turn one: Wolves
 - He moved straight at me, some of his vehicles popped smoke the ones that didn't hid behind those that did (good move). In what would be seen as a mistake later, his rune priest and the rhino he was in moved to his far right flank to get LOS on my 2 psycannon Strike squad on an objective.  His shooting consisted of his Long Fangs firing off at a psiflemen dread and stunning it (Which I ignored), his rune priest didn't hurt the Strike squad.

Turn one: Grey Knights:
- I moved the Raider forward, while staying close enough to the dreads and razorbacks on my right flank to provide protection with shrouding.  One of my razorbacks immobilized itself (typical!) and sadly had no LOS to ANYTHING! :(.  In shooting I threw up smoke on my raider and fired some misc. shots at his vehicles. the only good thing I did was immobilizing his rhino with the Rune priest in it... Stranding him far away from where the fight was going to be.

Turn two: Wolves:
- He moved a razorback, Rhino and a vindicator towards the center objective, his Raider with the Wolf Guard moved up 2" in front of my Raider, with a Rhino and razorback immediately behind it.  In his shooting, he had a 100% clear shot to a dread of mine with his Long Fangs... He scored several hits and blew the thing back to Titan (Damn true LOS!) his other shooting saw a Multi Melta, Assault Cannon and Vindicator all open up on my Land Raider which all did nothing (phew!).  He ended the turn and braced for impact.

Turn Two: Grey Knights
- This is where things got ugly.  I unloaded my Paladins and crew in front of his Land Raider and got ready to pull my ace.  my raider then moved 6" to get ready to flame/ melta whatever presented itself.  Then I reached up my sleeve and cast Warp Rift on the raider, and also got the Rhino behind it.  With an auto pen hit on both tanks I rolled a "5," the raider and a "5" on the Rhino, blow both to Fenris.  My remaining psyflemen exploded the razorback next to the rhino and land raider... Then my 2 psycannon squad on my left ripped off the weapon on the vindi... It was a really devestating shooting round for the GK.  Assault phase saw us mess things up A LOT.  My paladins assaulted his Wolf guard and killed two He killed my techmarine outright by arjac and I won combat by one, but the psycotroke grenades made him LD 2-1 so he failed and ran, I followed him (Later we couldn't figure out if he actually didn't draw combat so we screwed that up... We also had to roll the combat 4 times because we kept forgetting things like Master crafted on some weapons, and some weapons (banner) not being power weapons.

Turn Three: Wolves
- The 9 man squad in the Rhino which exploded from Warp Rift was now pinned and had to watch the Paladins right in front of them while doing nothing... The 6 man squad and the Dread moved up to hopefully give some hurt back to the GK.   In the center he moved the Rhino onto the objective while the razorback went after my 2 psycannon squad on the objective.  His shooting saw one paladin die and that was about it.  IN assault I fired off sanctuary which made his dread roll difficult terrain to assault my raider, he rolled snake eyes!  It wasn't looking good for the Wolves.

Turn Three: Grey Knights
- My paladins move around the back of the pinned squad, so they can remain in 6" from the fleeing Wolf guard.  My Landraider moves into position against the 6 man squad and dread. My Terminators and inquisitor come in close to the center objective.  In shooting I destroy the 6 man squad and a good portion of the 9 man pinned squad. his dread is stunned and I open up his rhino on the center objective.  Assault sees the pinned squad finished off as the power fist fails to wound (With a reroll!)

Turn four: Wolves
- At this point he feels the game is over and tries to make last ditch efforts to contest/capture as many objectives as possible. Shooting and assault have no effects.

Turn four Grey Knights
- almost everything is turned to slag, the land raider flames the 9 man squad on the center objective and most of the assault is pointless to roll (paladins vs long fangs..  We call the game at this point.

After game thoughts:
-  The turning point was warp rift opening both vehicles and the priest being too far away to stop my powers.  Had both of those things not happened it would have been a 100% different game.  I like my list, but will be making a few changes... Stay tuned.



  1. Sounds like an educational and bloody battle for both sides. Those Warp Rift results really put you over the edge coupled with the pinned GH squad. Led to the ruin of ~ 700ish points of your opponents army in the span of a turn and a half. Glad to see the Librarian playing havoc with the opponent with all his psychic shenanigans (and psychostroke grenades?). Remind me what the Brotherhood Banner does again? I thought it just allowed the squad to auto-pass hammerhand and such but if it allows the Libby to as well that's pretty sweet. Still not sure if it's necessary with Ld10 and the loss of a force weapon though.

  2. The techmarine in the paladin squad has the psychotroke grenades... The banner makes me auto activate forceweapons as well as giving me an extra attack for every model in the unit. I have thought about dropping it, but we will see.

    Yea that Libby was causing all sorts of mess, he later put the warp rift on a vindicator, but I rolled like piss and only stunned it (that's what I get for rolling so well with the raider). I actualy like warp rift and the Libby in general.


  3. Duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuke. Warp Rift is AP-! A 5 on the damage chart is an immobilized...

  4. Uh, Yea we accounted for that.........


  5. Well hey, when you say you "rolled a 5", don't blame me for taking it literally. =P

    Sounds like the beel curve was on your side this game, but your list looks very fun. We'll ahve to do a crazy GK v GK game sometime soon. =)