Thursday, December 22

Feast of Blades goes coast to coast!

Many of you will know that I am the TO for Feast of Blades, an annual GT/ Con that happens each year in the fall at Denver, CO.  Well, I am proud to announce that it has officially grown from a one state event, to a truly national event.

Explaining the picture above:

Red: States where qualifiers were held our first year.

Orange: States where qualifiers were held our second year.

Green: States where qualifiers will be held our third year (As of dec 11, 2011)

I have always said that I would only grow this event as long as the players were pulling it from me.  I wouldn't push this onto a public that didn't want to have this kind of event.  As time has gone on I have received dozens of emails that essentially asked "Why don't you have a qualifier in ___ state?"  In fact I have heard of some people driving several hours just to get to a qualifier location, cool!

While I love to hear those stories, I would much rather have a location near you. Granted that even if there is a qualifier in your state there could still be a hefty drive, but as years go by we will better support each state.

Why Feast of Blades?

"Imagine if 'Ard boyz was done proper and you would have Feast of Blades," - Tasty Taste

At first this was intended to provide a State Champion for Colorado; but as it has grown I have seen that players want a tournament that does for the nation what Feast originally set out to do for Colorado.  Yes, I mean provide a FoB National Champion based off a 'season,' of qualifiers and then a finals 'playoff.'

I am really excited for next year.  This year we learned some very important lessons and will be making many improvements to the overall system so it is a better experience for all those involved.

If your state in in black in the above picture and you think it shouldn't be please let me know (feastofblades (at) gmail (dot)com).

Here is a list of the states we currently have state reps and stores in, if you go to you can get the contact info for the state rep in your area.

West Coast Region:
Southern California (Looking for Central Cal rep)

Mountain West Region:
New Mexico

Central Region:
Illinois (we have a store, but are looking for an IL state rep)

East Coast Region:
South Carolina
North Carolina
New York

We are still open to adding states, so as I said earlier if you would like to add your state please send an email to the email address above. Thank you.

What are your thoughts on this event growing like this?

Honor your chapter!



  1. Duke I hope you know the map shows the new states as blue not green lol....btw when will we find out the locations and dates of the qualifier as this tournament has massive ammounts of win and coolness and I want to play

  2. Duke is color blind, thats why he only paints in silver and gold.

    Serious, Cant wait for Feast this year it should be great!!!

  3. Lol, the original picture had the states in green. I'll fix the article. I'll be putting up the official qualifier store locations in January. The date is aug 11th for the qualifiers, but is flexible based on your location.

  4. u know ard boyz was aug 13th last year right?

  5. I can't wait to qualify and hopefully quickly so I can run some as well. I really appreciate Swags running these so hopefully I can take up some of the slack.

  6. I made the map with a red/yellow/green colors initially and emailed it to Duke, but then changed it to Blue to better reflect FoB colors... Duke can get confused, haha.

  7. I am so excited to be a part of this really amazing event. I am planning to take the video stream to new levels for all those who cannot make the con.