Monday, December 12

List of the week: Imperial Guard 2000 pts.

So by now, you know the rules behind "List of the week," so here we go.  This week we bring you a list I saw at Feast of Blades.  As with all lists of the week, provide some feedback about what you like and what you don't like, also what are bad match ups and who will they just roll over?

- Company Command Squad
  - Company Commander (senior officer)
  - 4 vets with plasma guns
  - Astropath, telepathic relay
  - Chimera w/ hvy flamer

- Psyker Battle Squad:
  - 1 overseer and 9 psykers 
  - Chimera w/ heavy flamer

- Veteran squad
  - Demolitions
  - 3 melta guns and melta bombs
  - 1 demolition charge vet
  - 5 vets with melta bombs

- Veteran Squad:
  - 3 melta guns/ melta bombs
  - Chimera with heavy flamer

- Veteran Squad:
  - 3 plasma guns
  - Chimera with heavy flamer

- Veteran Squad:
  - Same

- Infantry platoon:
  - Command Squad:
    - 1 Lascannon
    - 1 meltagun
    - Chimera with heavy flamer
 - Infantry squad:
    - 1 meltagun
    - 1 lascannon
    - Chimera wth heavy flamer

Fast attack:
- Vendetta Gunship squadron
  - Vendetta: 3 TL lascannons

- Vendetta Gunship Squadron
  - Vendetta: 3 TL lascannons

- Vendetta Gunship squadron
  - Vendetta: 3 TL Lascannons

Heavy Support:
- Leman Russ Squadron
  - Leman Russ Demolisher:
    -Heavy Flamer, Demolisher siege cannon

- Leman Russ Squadron
  - Leman Russ Demolisher
    -Heavy flamer, Demolisher siege cannon

Total: 2000 pts

Thoughts and comments on this list?



  1. Uhh... The infantry platoon is illegal. Needs at least 2 infantry squads AND a command team.

  2. while relatively solid, there are lots of points wasted in this list, in my opinion.
    a) 9 psykers is too many, 4, 6 or 8 are best, to trigger instant death on various toughness tiers. honestly, -4 is usually enough to force a morale check anyway.
    b)i wouldn't take infantry squads in chimeras. those guys should be sitting in cover on objectives or being used as bubblewrap.
    c) leman russes, while using the best loadout possible, i just dont rate these guys any more when you compare them to manticores or hydras. there are too many meltas, lances, suppression weapons (hello necrons and GKs) and thunder hammers out there for them to be worth their points.
    d) demo vets great, plasma vets great, now give them an autocannon each so they can affect the game at range for a few turns either at the beginning or the end. for 10 points each (saved by shaving psykers from the squad) you can take one on all 4 units. bargain.
    e) this is a personal one, but i use my CCS as the ultimate 'throwaway' melta unit. it can twin link itself and it doesn't matter if it dies as it isn't scoring. plasma on it is a waste when generally speaking melta does the job better anyway.

    like i said, overall pretty solid, but could use some tweaks. how did this guy do at the event, do you know?

  3. I think I forgot to write the second squad. It was the same as the first.

    @at: interesting points... I can find how he placed, but I am at work.