Wednesday, December 14

Place your bets!!! (Necron FAQ: we answer)

" A new player with the Necron codex is allot like a mule with a spinning wheel!"

That's right folks its time to step up and throw down, cuz were gonna go "all in" with predictions about the new dex FAQ.

Now that its standard practice for GW to make rules so ambiguous that they will no doubt have to release a FAQ we can wager our Internet standings against what we think the outcome might be. So throw caution to the wind with me today, lets put our put our bets down and see what comes of it in a week to six months when we get some answers.

First up Scarabs!

1. Can they go over starting/max squad size?

I say yes, because if not whats the point.

2. Can they conga line dance?

No, I cant see this one.

3. Entropic Strike, does it work as stated and "immediately" take armor down, then allow for the strength attacks?

Yes, yes and yes please.

While were on it lets just talk about the force weapon thing.

4. Will force weapons take entire bases out even when they are put on the unit before the roll to activate has been made?

Sorry for this one but no. Wait before your head explodes, I'm not saying its right or wrong, I'm taking the Carnifex defence on this one. Lets say a unit of like carnifex's gets into a fight with one GK Libby, the Libby hits and wounds 3 times(on the charge) before the Fex can attack. What happens, in game terms nothing is different to the Libby if its 3 like bases of Scarabs or MC's. So if GW makes the call against Scarabs they will make it for everything, even my Nob Bikers. So 4 wounds on a unit of non-complex models, 4 guys dead! I just don't think the GK need the extra boost to their ability's. (Duke disagrees on this one)

But these are units that can be complex you say, well Obliterators for CMS are rumored to have a squad size of 4 in the next book. So the same would apply to them with no chance of being complex, 4 hits/wounds and one test now your entire unit is gone. I hope it doesn't come to this.

Next-Writhing Worldscape.

5. Does it work with Orikan's Temporal Snares?

I vote yes, because like I said before if not whats the point.

6. Does it work with the Tremor Stave?

Yes. (see previous answer)

OK, os that's just a few of the things that need FAQ help, do you dare make a stand and gamble with you Net-utation? (That's Internet reputation)

Its easy for me because I believe popularity is a social disease.
How about you?


  1. I want to see a clearing up of lance weapons vs shielding, many necron players seem to think it doesnt work and you still get av13, I personally dont think that is the case, will be nice to get it cleared up.

  2. Add it to the list!

    Hello...GW, are you listening???

  3. In your example of the GK Libby, wouldn't it be a single unsaved wound that, when the psychic test is passed, turn into an instant death result?

    So at most, only 1 base is removed (be it Carnifex or scarab) to the Force Weapon.

  4. I agree with each point here and will throw my bets in with you. I would also like to see a ruling on lances vs shielding.

    I think the ruling for the force weapon may be answered already in the rules if I am not mistaken (and I may be since I do not have the BRB or GKC with me), but I am under the impression that one psychic test is for 1 inflicted wound.

  5. It is for one wound imfor a Libby force weapons... GK are different. They cause instant death on all wounds. So IMHO grey knights will kill one base for every wound caused.


  6. Force Weapons on Librarians will only take out one base (assuming you pass the Ld check.) Note that the player with the Force Weapon chooses which wound causes Instant Death. So, for example, if you have a base that has taken one wound already and you cause three wounds with your Psyker, two of them will go on the wounded model (killing it) and the other will go on a "new" base, at which point you can ID it with the Force Weapon's power.

    Nemesis Force Weapons, which work differently, will kill one base per wound cased on a successful activation. ALL wounds cases by NFW become Instant Death retroactively, not just the one wound as with a standard FW. However, with complex units (like Nobz, etc) you still assign the wounds before the NFW are activated or saves are taken, so you can do some odd things with them.

    Conga-lining and overlarge swarms are both 100% legal as far as the rules go, but GW is hardly above changing the rules of their game on an arbitrary bases when they release a FAQ.

  7. DAMN! Thanks for clearing that up. I did not realize GK were THAT strong.

  8. @Puppy and Duke- Ha! Retroactive weapons...I cant find that in my book.

    But lets look, GK are a unit of power weapons, they hit, they wound, the Necron player attempts to save if he can, then as the GK dex states "take the test immediatly after the first unsaved wounds are caused".
    As per the rule for wounding a unit that is NOT complex the Cron player must stack the wounds untill one base is gone.

    So they dont cause ID untill the test is passed, the test cant be passed untill there is an unsaved wound, there cant be an unsaved wound untill a model has at least tried to save it.

    The thing might be that GK and Cron players are each right...regular wounds untill the test is passed, No ID untill test is passed then ID on the rest after the initiative.

    And my money is on Lance weapons working just as normal.

  9. Personally I would like to see the firing arcs for the monolith and ark drawn out.

    Conga line, first turn charge is stupid and should be FAQ'ed. As far as going over the starting size, it says it right in the dex that the unit can.

    I think the lance ability does work against quantum shielding and that's how I've been playing it with my 'crons.

    What about the destroyer lord, does he grant a Royal Court?

  10. @Swags you are correct that the force weapon test is rolled for after saves have been attempted but before models are removed. Assuming the test is passed, each unsaved wound inflicts instant death. The RAW is that you remove whole wound models where possible and that wounds may not be spread around. In this case each unsaved wound does remove a whole model via the force weapon rule so you would be required to remove as many models as unsaved wounds.

    If the RAW required unsaved wounds to be allocated BEFORE the force weapon test is taken, then I would agree that you would have to stack wounds on a single unwounded model. But that isn't the case here.

  11. @swags: I'm going to save myself a ton of phone typing and just say "NO!" as much as you hate it GK eat scarabs. :)


  12. Dreamers got to dream!

    They can never take that away from me.

    And yes, I have yet to play a game with my Mono's yet but now that you say it why didnt they just say hull mounted or 720dg line of sight?

    Is that so hard to just state when you are making the entry.

  13. Its like not saying Strike lowers armor then you roll for the pen. Its easy to say it needs to be there in rule after the first game you play.


    Wait...GW, you do still play games with the rules you make right?

  14. Hello,

    I was wondering on a constructive comment concerning the Nemesis Force weapon discussion.
    As I read it in both the GK and main rulebook, the check for force weapons happens after wound allocation (pg 39 and 50). This is important because I read the entire rule interaction as:
    The Halberds strike at I6. They cause (we'll say) 4 wounds. Those wounds allocate as power weapon wounds (3 on one base and one on another). The force weapon check is made and 2 entire bases are removed.
    Force sword strikes at I4. Every wound is an instant death wound and would remove an entire base.
    Am I understanding this correctly?

    Have a good one

  15. Please ignore previous post. Reading of pg 26 clarifies that multi-wound models do not care when the wounds become instant death. They always kill full bases where possible. Sorry to waste your time.


  16. @Swags:
    The mistake you're making is in the timing. Remember the Instant Death rules: when removing from wounds that cause ID, you must pull unwounded models from a wound group before pulling wounded models; which models _within a wound group_ that you assigned them to is irrelevant. Since Scarabs only can ever have one wound group, that's irrelevant.

    So if you, say, have seven Scarab bases and take five wounds from NFW, you assign each of the five wounds to one of five different bases (which means/does nothing), roll invulnerable saves (which you don't have), and then the GK player rolls his psychic test. If he fails, you then "clump" the fivee wounds together, removing one full base and putting two wounds on another. If he succeeds, you remove five full bases, just as if the hits were from S6 weapons.

    Wound allocation is made one to each model in the unit, and THEN, once you start actually applying the wounds, the Units of Multi-Wound Models forces you to pull whole models rather than distributing them.

  17. FAQ Please.

    GW im talking to you...