Sunday, December 4

Necron "Quicksand",List of the week.

Hello all, Swags here with the next list of the week.

This time I'm dreaming of Necrons and how their little tricks might add to big tricks on the table. So lets get to it, I give you Necron list "Quicksand!".

First things first we need to know that the Necrons are not as "point and click" as other forces so I will explain how it comes together after the list. Also I want to point out this is a bit of a theme list as I picked units and wargear that push the idea of slowing down the enemy, hence the name.

Necron Quicksand 2000 Points.

HQ1 -Orikan the Diviner
HQ2-Overlord/Warscyth/Tachyon Arrow (joins HQ1)


Cryptek/Eldritch Lance/Solar Pulse (joins HQ1)

Cryptek/Tremorstave/Seismic Crucible (joins HQ1)

Cryptek/Tremorstave (joins Troop1)

Cryptek/Tremorstave (joins Troop2)

Cryptek/Tremorstave (joins Troop3)

E1-C'Tan/Writhing Worldscape/Grand Illusion

E2-Triarch Stalker/T-link Gauss Cannon

E3-Triarch Stalker/T-link Gause Cannon

T1-Warriors x 10

T2-Warriors x 10

T3-Warriors x 10

F1-Heavy Destroyers x 3

F2-Heavy Destroyers x 3

F3-Heavy Destroyers x 3

And no heavy support so don't even bring up Scarabs and Spyders and farming.

How it works.
This list is meant to keep the enemy at bay using wargear to slow them and long range high power shooting to put the hurt on. Also using the grand illusion to increase distance from my opponent and line up early shooting.

HQ-This unit is the two HQs and two Crypteks in a 4 man unit that will move behind cover of other units and terrain to line up critical lance and tremor shooting as well as being able to split the HQs off to counter charge in a last ditch effort. I can also step away with the lord and bust a Tach Arrow to split fire if he has a chance of being save for the following round. Such as the night cover provided by the Pulse.

Troops- Each one gets a Cryptek, they form the body of the force with the stave's pushed forward to get maximum range if needed. On the move they can drop the Tremor blast with a 40" range while wrapping behind the walkers for cover.

Elites-The C'Tan and his ability are key to working this list. He will remain in the back acting as a counter unit and using his powers making it extremely hard for skimmers, jump infantry and bikes. In addition to the devastating Dawn of War problem vehicles have when he is on the table combined with the Temporal Snares.

Fast-Basic spam of T5 jump infantry carrying assault lascanons is all! (possibly twin-linked)

That's about it. I like the range in this list,36" or more in each unit, and the chance for twin-linking priority targets is a good boost to the limited number of shots. Manipulating things like movement, terrain checks, assaults(don't forget one of the Crypteks has Seismic Crucible) and night fighting can be overwhelming for some lists or even players not ready for such a game.


  1. This list intrigues me. Its these kind of lists I like to see as rogue lists at tourneys. Some armies will simply not be able to cope with this list, and those that can will still have issues if the necrons go first.

    An awfully large number of points into characters/ctan though. Super fast close combat could be a problem here though, as well as combat insertion, like thunder cav or ymgarls resprectively.

    Some of the equipment I can't remember what it does offhand though. If you could elaborate a bit it would be awesome.

  2. Do you have enough anti-troop? I would think you'd have a hard time playing someone beyond a draw. Plus any anti troop long range coming back at you can take down only 30 warriors, they don't have protection. I like the idea you're running but I think it needs a bit more balance.

  3. I would hope that the fast attack forces like bikers, jumpers and fast vehicles will be hurt the most, taking into account the dangerous fail on 1 or 2.

    As for more anti-troop, an easy swap is to trade the Heavy D's for an Doom Arc and save 5 points. The large 9/1 blast hurts abd if its T-link as well thats better.

    I am trying to get a game in the next day or so.

  4. I did a battle report with a list using the same idea. It works pretty well, even for mech-heavy enemies:

    Good luck!