Friday, December 24

Video Bat rep BA vs BA 1

  Battle Report between Blood Angles and Blood Angels, 2000 points.  The Video and and short wrap up included after the break.

Lists involved:

Immortal 2000 points:
Land raider 1:
 - Librarian: Unleash rage, Sanguine Sword
 - Priest: Power weapon
 - 10 man RAS, 2 flamers, lightning claws, Melta Bombs

Landraider 2
 - Priest: Power weapon
 - 10 Man squad: Power fist, 2 melta guns

Razor backs 1 and 2
 - 5 man squad with power weapon, infernus pistol, melta gun

2 Baal preds with Sponson heavy Bolters

1 Autocannon, Lascannon pred

1 Vindicator

Duke 2000 points
- Sanguinor
- Sanguinary Guard with Chapter Banner
- Librarian Wings of Sanguinius, unleash rage
- Sanguinary Priest, Jump pack

4x Razor backs: Las cannon, TL plasma gun.
 - 5 man RAS with power weapon and melta gun.

2 Auto-cannon/ Las cannon predators

2 Baal Predators

Quick Written Synopsis:

Pre-game: I sieze the initiative, 6 FTW! Both of our Baals scout to get good first turn shots off

Duke Turn one:
 I took a big risk and shot both my Baals in his face (teehee).  I got lucky and exploded a vindicator in the center with a bunch of rends.  Other than than I just glanced a lot of other vehicles and ended the turn feeling comfortable with wrecking one vindicator

Immortal Turn one:
He moved his landraiders forward straight to my lines and tried to gang up on my lone baal, smoke saves my trash and I live to see another day! He gets a couple good shots off at one of my Las/Auto Preds and explodes it... Sadly those tanks can't do much against his AV 13/14 army so I don't feel that bad about losing the tank. On the flank our Baals dance a little more getting lots of non-effectual shots on each-others' side armor.

Duke Turn Two:
I move around the side of one of his Baals with mine and rip off an assault cannon. My Other Baal backs up and immobilized a land raider with lots of rending shots. Other than that I didn't do much with my shooting.  Sanguinor and company lie in wait hoping the movable Landraider will come into my teeth next turn.

Immortal Turn Two:
His movable Land raider plays into my hand and moves right towards my lines.  Nothing much to not happens that turn besides misc. shooting.

Duke Turn Three:
Sanguinor and company move from behind their cover and prepare to assault.  A melta pops open the landraider and lets the Sanguinary guard get 2 of their squad into the fight. With only half my squad in combat I manage to almost wipe the entire Assault Squad, leaving a few random members and the libby/priest. He hits back and puts a wound on my libby. In shooting, I exploded one of his razorbacks with a rear armor shot from a Baal pred.

Immortal Turn four:
More less than stellar shooting, but he manages to get another ten man squad and priest into combat with my sanguinary guard.  The ensuing combat sees the first squad finished and all the sanguinary guard fall to masses of power weapons. I win combat, but he is fearless and makes his saves (Both land raider units rolled red thirst)

Duke turn Five:
I charge in with 2 5 man squads, including my buffed Sgt. (thanks sanguinor) and wipe out only five guys (Ugh!) that combat is a push with both sides losing 5 men total. In shooting I kill three guys in his combat squad from the exploded razorbacks and continue to stun his Baal with a turret. My Lascannons aren't doing much at this point, as most of the death is in the center with the Sanguinor and tons of marines.

Immortal Turn five:
He actually get a result from the Baal dance in the corner of the table and takes off the Turret and immobilizes one of my Baals. other than that he moves a razorback onto a table quarter to contest, hoping for that 1 or 2 to end the game at the end of his turn.  The fight in the middle sees off every one of his marines save his libby who I just couldn't seem to get through his armor (he made like 8 3+ saves and all I needed was one wound!)

At the end of the turn I roll to see if the game goes on and it doesn't! Thats it.

Primary 20 points- Table quarters... All are contested or don't have troops in them.
Secondary 10 points - get more units in the enemy's deployment zone than he has in yours.... No units in either DZ for both of us!
Tertiary: 10 points - Capture terrain with any mobile unit must have more than opponent.  I won this because I had three or four (cant remember) and he had one less

Result: Duke - 10 , Immortal 0... Duke Victory

All in all it was a fun game, though I shouldn't have been so easy to let my guys get counter charged by the other ten man squad. I could have easily moved my Predator in the way to at least slow him down. Oh well, live and learn.  I hope you all liked this video battle report, I have another one coming with Blood Angels and Eldar.  Sorry for some of the camera work, it will get better in time.  Please comment cause this is a lot of typing for no comments!



  1. Ahhh... CRAZY CAM. Haha, sorry about that, got carried away.
    Good game, learned a few things about this list (like not running a single sqd in LRR up the center and expect to do well vs. Dukes ENTIRE army). Should have much more painted for furture BAT-REPS.

  2. At the rate your going the entire army should be painted soon... Gotta love spray guns for doing the hard parts. All in all i thought your list was a good one, it just takes a bit more practice, I think, to master.