Friday, December 17

New Eldar Aspect Warrior (FW)

As some of us have heard, or know, Forge-world is working on an Eldar Imperial Armor.  It has really been a long time coming.  It seriously feels like the boys over at forge-world haven't done any thing outside of Orks and Imperials for ages.

Well, recently those chaps have given us a nice little gem in this picture here:

Apparently this is one of the new Eldar Aspect Warriors that is coming out in the Eldar Imperial Armor (12 I think).  From what I have heard, and see they are called 'Shadow Spectres,' and carry around small versions of the Fire Prism Cannon!  They also look highly mobile, so Im sure they can do some damage.  I would love to see them work like Fire Prisms do, meaning lots of small, low power shots... Or one high powered shot when they combined their fire.

Well, the unit looks great and I know Ill want to get some to add to my already huge Eldar force (20,000-25,000 points). But in all honesty, I can't wait to see the previews for the Phantom titan which is supposed to be coming out sometime in 2011.

here is a link to the discussion on the BoLS lounge

What are your thoughts on this new aspect warrior? What would you like to see Forge-World Make for the Eldar... Or any other races for that matter.



  1. I'm not sure that the Eldar need a new aspect warrior, as they seem to have a solution for every problem. A fast moving troop with a big gun could be fun, but I hope it's not overpowered (ie. the new fire dragons and every list has to have them). I'd rather see the next Eldar codex come out in such a way that it encouraged people to build balanced lists with bits of each aspect in them.

    But maybe I'm getting ahead of myself. After all, this is a forgeworld model, so it'll probably never see the codex, right? They sure are purty though...

  2. Though I agree that they don't "need," another aspect warrior, I think this aspect still is a nice place to fit in that isn't Warp Spiders, and not Fire dragons. If you look closely it looks like they have some sort of jump pack on them.

    True enough on FW not equaling GW. We can pretty much say that if this is a FW new aspect then GW won't put it in the codex... But then again there is that cool little thing called a Valkyrie flying around the IG codex, oh and the Trygon too... Hmmm, interesting


  3. Got someone an idea how to paint them?