Sunday, December 12

Blood Angels new list: Chaplains a-go-go

  In my theory hammer post a few days back I mentioned a new unit that I was trying out that was one of those "Super friends," type things.   I have played it in a couple of games and the squad hits like a ton of bricks.
  Anyhow, I was asked in that same post to put up the entire army list that accompanies that particular squad.  Well, ask and ye shall receive!

- Librarian: Bike, Fear the darkness, Sanguine Sword
- Reclusiarch: Bike, infernus pistol

- 10 Assault Marines
   - 2x melta guns, power weapon, Rhino
- 10 Assault Marines
  - 2x melta Guns, power weapon, Rhino
-10 Assault Marines
  -2x Melta Guns, Power weapon, melta bombs, Rhino

- Chaplain: Bike, Infernus Pistol
- Chaplain: Bike, Infernus Pistol
- Sanguinary Priest: Bike, Power weapon

Fast attack
- Baal Predator: Sponson Heavy Bolters, Assault Cannon
- Baal Predator: Sponson Heavy Bolters, Assault Cannon

Heavy Support
- Predator: Sponson Lascannons, Autocannon
- Predator: Sponson Lascannons, Autocannon

Ok, so that is the list.  I know some of you are whining about various things in this list so let me break it down for you: (before you ask, yes it is LEGAL to run the IC's as a unit...Look it up)

Negatives of the big unit- really expensive "Super friends unit"- 715 points, this means that the unit is susceptible to that one lucky shot from a vindicator or other AP 1/2/3 Blast.  Also, a lot of my anti heavy armor is short ranged (melta guns and infernus pistols).  There are a few other things, but I don't feel like going over them.

Positives of the big unit- Though a blast can hurt the hammer unit, they don't always have to be a squad, and can separate out enough in the movement phase to only make sure one guy gets hit by a template.  Also, as IC's they all have the skilled rider and the move through cover traits, this allows them pretty much un-obstructed access to most of the board. They also hit like a ton of bricks!  Plus they are pretty survivable with 3 4++ and 2/3 three wounds each (except for the priest) that his at St 5 I 5.

Notes on the army list: I have thought about exchanging the 3 rhinos for 4 Las/plas razorbacks...

Thoughts?  What else would compliment this unit of dudes? How would you build a list around them? Please comment because I wrote way too much to get no replies.



  1. whug here
    you could loose one of the preds and replace it with a 2 bike, attack bike squad with multi meltas and then have the chaplin unit ride around with them.
    reason (you will probably work these out i short order for yourself, but i will state them just for other peeps and to make this post compleate), gives the unit extra AT power and ablative wounds for the unit as you see fit. i know you would loose the benifit of MTC and SR, but you can always split the unit up when the A-bikes are in melta range and have done there job, and the look on the opponents face when they realise that they too benifit form FNP sould be funny.
    infact the whole unit is simalar to a warlock bike unit , get turbo save , dont get fortune, but do get FNP so will soak alot of small arms fire , and will be more effective in CC cause they all have power weapons , come to think of it , im gonna try the unit out myself :)
    cheers for the idea

  2. Glad you like the idea. I have been joking around with my friends about possibly putting them on giant bats, just to be funny.

    The attack bikes isn't a bad idea actually. I could try to shave some points somewhere and see how it works.

    Let me know how this unit works for you.