Tuesday, December 21

Duke to Jawaballs: High five!

Tonight, I talked to Jawaballs and he is doing a cool little project for me that I wanted to share (and also to give him an internet high five.)

  For anyone who doesn't know Jawaballs he is a pretty cool guy who is a stud at painting. (he inspired me to do this freehand in the picture to the left.

Anyhow, I am running this event soon called "Feast of Blades," Which is a tournament of Champions from 8 different areas.  The winner will be given a banner of Jawa-construction to take with him/her to their home store. Their name will then be embroidered onto the banner for generations of gamers to be in awe over.  Once a year we will have the area champions converge to once again compete for the prizes and most of all the honor of taking that beautiful banner home with them.

I will be posting more about the Feast of Blades later.  For now, as Jawaballs completes his project he will be posting updates of it on his blog (I will also be posting the updates here).  Keep an eye out for updates on the banner as it comes along.  For now here is a pic of the drawing I sent to Jawaballs as a template.


  1. High five right back at ya! And the tanks look great! As for the banner, I did some thinking last night after we spoke, and I think that what you plan to do with it is something great. So I decided to only charge the initial down payment so I can cover costs and pay the lady to make the banner for me and ship it out to you. Be looking for updates after the new year, and make sure you email me your most recent designs! Jawaballs

  2. Awesome! Thank you very much! everyone over here is stoked to see this thing in all its glory. Keep an eye out in your inbox today for my most recent design.

  3. Duke,
    Just a heads up on the banner... its 'Alea Iacta (alt spelling Jacta) Est,' I think you had it spelled 'Ist' on the banner sketch above. I'd hate for that to be a typo on the banner.

  4. You know what, your right! I must have been in a trance. Thanks for the catch Immotal. Ill make sure Jawaballs sees that too (Unless he already noticed.)

    What a Latin Noob I am, lol