Monday, December 27

Gamers block.

lately, I have been feeling very blocked creatively. For some reason I have had no impetus do do anything modeling or painting related. Most of my hobby time has been dedicated towards other pursuits like tearing apart the dark eldar codex and planning for my upcoming large tournament: feast of blades.

Here is what I have been thinking thought lately:
1. Take the old "it's good to take creative breaks" approach and don't paint or model anything until I feel inspired to (which will probably mean nothing till grey knights).
Pros- I usually paint a lot better when I'm inspired as oppOsedto pushed.
Cons- I dont get Anything done, and my blood angels could use a little touch up love.
2. Force myself to paint more and do final touch ups on my angels.
Pros- the army goes from a 9 to a 10.
Cons- obviously this takes fun out of the equation.
3. Do something hobby related but not painting. This is pretty much what I'm doing now, but I would be doing it on purpose instead of by accident.
Pros- do I really have to list them?
Cons- again

I'll turn it overt you all... Wha do you think?


  1. Try reading a book that involves an army you need to work on. Usually does the trick for me.

  2. That is kind of what I'm doing at the moment. Right now I'm reading first heretic which ha custodes in it... All it is doing is making me want to do that army more! Lol but in waiting until the gk book comes out because I think they will represent custodes better than C:SM.

    If only the Horus heresy series had a dedicated blood angels book already!