Thursday, December 16

Grey Knights

Im really excited about the release of the new Grey Knight Codex next year (March-May). I have always thought that GK were one of the coolest armies in 40k, but there were two things holding me back.

One, the models were beautiful, but there were only like 10 models in the range so a whole army of the same 5 guys looked horrible, not to mention the fact that to make a 10 man PAGK squad you had to buy like 3 boxes, WTF!? Two, the rules weren't that great at all! So, today Im wish listing for some stuff in the new codex.

1.Artificer armor Grey Knights-  For goodness sake they are daemon hunters, they should have something more than just regular power armor...I could even settle for 'blessed armor,' which gives a bonus to something
2. Psychic powers more prominent: I would love to see psychic powers to be more prominent in an army that is 100% psykers. It doesn't have to be powerful, but something like a squad with null zone would be sick!
3. Seriously, give me heavy support or give me death!  And I don't mean Land Raiders! I want some kind of heavy support that doesn't have to be targeted on one specific piece of terrain (Lame!).  Though the idea of orbital bombardments is fun I think it should go away for more traditional forms of heavy support.  I don't find it fun when something can shoot at me and I can't shoot back.  If you make the heavy option on the Psycannon worthwhile (st 7 AP 3 heavy 2?) then I could effectively have Grey Knight Devastators.... Also, assuming that the Psycannon heavy option is good, GK predators would be awesome too!
4. Im sure this will be fixed from what I know, but Im saying it anyway: Plastic minis! Nuf said.
5. No more allies.  If your going to play GK fine, but you shouldn't be able to pick the best parts of the codex and paste them into your own...
6. Fearless on all GK's.  From what I heard this isn't happening, but it would be nice anyhow (and make sense)
7. NFW, SS termies with 2 wounds too much to ask for? Well, I just did it, so there!
8. Psychic dreads?

That should be it for my wish listing for now.

Actually, my GK army will be converted into a Custodes army.  I have always, always, always wanted to build a Custodes army and I think with plastic models, tough rules and a lot of conversion work Grey Knights could be a good stand in for Custodes.

So, what are your thoughts? Which of my wishlist do you think has merit? Which are complete skywriting?  Lastly, what are your thoughts on me using GK to build a Custodes army?


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