Thursday, March 24

First game with Grey Knights

Don't call it a come back, Ive been here for ages
- lyrical poet LL Cool J
Post something Duke! Everyone has been yelling at me to put something up on my blog (and by everyone, I mean the voices in my head.) Honestly, I Have been so wrapped up in running Feast of Blades that my personal hobby time has come down to nothing.  However....... I did get in a game tonight and broke off some of the rust.

The game was against a buddy of mine and Im not going to bother writing up a whole battle report but Ill tell you the important parts.

I was running a foot-Paladin-Star and it was an amazing thing to watch...  When it finally got into combat (Turn 3) I ran it straight into a Tyranid Deathstar with all sorts of nasties and made it look like the bugs they are.  Psychoke (sp?) grenades are stupid!  I rolled on the chart and got a "2," which meant that I auto hit him and he was taken to one attack, not only that but he was -1 toughness (rad grenades)... It was over before it started and I seriously felt bad for my opponent.

The other awesome-sauce moment was running a 5 man squad of purifiers into a Trygon and Forceweaponing it in the face, only to follow up and do the same thing with a Strike Squad on the Second Trygon... Yes, that is right, 10 Gk wiped the floor with 2 trygons! it was really really amazing

All that said I actually felt that I couldn't have had a better match up with the list I brought, so Im not going to base my whole opinion of the codex on that one game but it was amazing nonetheless.

I really did like my firebase which consisted of 2 psyfilemen dreads in cover, 2 strike squads combat squaded in hvy bolter razorbacks with psybolt ammo and 2 psycannons... It was a damn good amount of firepower which was a nightmare to walk into.

All in all I think Im not going to run a Paladin deathstar, I feel that my build will be razor/combat squad spam with a GM deepstriking with a termie squad... or something along those lines.

I will likely post a list in a day or two


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