Sunday, March 13

Grey Knights Razorback

Ok, so here is my recent project, a GK razorback.  I have taken off the doors and made a mold to replace the doors with some cool sculpture/art things.  I am liking how the doors are coming along, but I am struggling on the front portion and the back door...This is where you come in (Pictures after the break.)

Side 1
Side 2
I was thinking about Making the back hatch to be like the two side doors, but Im not sure... I also was thinking of freehanding a shield with the squad achievements on it.  I will also be doing Freehand on the top like I did with my Blood Angels and Salt-weathering on the edges.   Right now my biggest head-scratcher is the front...It just leaves me wanting something.

So, What should I do?


PS: I have also "Cleaned up," the doors since taking this pic and straightened out the "teeth," So ignore that.

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  1. For the front, look at something along the lines of the front plate of the Exorcist (GW not Forgeworld) -- Lot's of iconography