Tuesday, March 29

Grey Knight List version 2.0

Ok internet... I have spent some quality time with the codex and even cuddled a little.  From that quality time I came up with a new list.  and here it is!

First off I want to say that this codex has been a little harder for me to get my feelings on.  Most codices I can see fairly quickly what the good builds will look like.  I may not get the exact build right, but I can get pretty close.  This codex hasn't been like that.  Possibly because it has lots of neat things, but too expensive to include them all (Librarian + Grandmaster >400 pts!) or have crappy "unit taxes," (Crowe).  Anyhow, I think this list fits my play-style, which is IMHO one of the most important aspects of any army...I can't say how many times I have seen a power build get kicked in the teeth by a good player who has a list built to his strengths.

Ok enough about that, your looking for a list!  Here it is.

- Sword and Storm Bolter
- Quicksilver (initative 10)
- Sanctuary (if you charge me it counts as difficult and dangerous terrain)
- Shrouding (Stealth bubble of 6" on all units)
- Might of titan (+1 st +2d6 armor pen on vehicles)
- Warp Rift (Auto pen vs vehicles, no cover saves, initiative test or die! yes please!)

Techmarine (Or cheap, grenade belt guy!)
- Rad, blind and psychotroke grenades

4 Paladins:
1. Banner, S.B
2. Sword, S.B.
3. MCr sword, S.B.
4. MCr Hammer, S.B.

Land Raider Redemmer
- Multi Melta

Strike Squad 1:
10 men
- 2 psycannons
- 1 hammer
- Razorback with Psybolt ammo Heavy Bolter (Psybolter razorback)

Strike Squad 2:
5 men
- psycannon
- Psybolter razorback

Strike Squad 3:
same as Strike Squad 2

Psiflemen dread:
2 TL autocannons, psybolt ammo

psiflemen dread:

Here is where the choice has to be made... I have two directions to go in here (option 1 and option 2). Tell me which one you all like better.

5 Grey Knight Terminators (troops)
- 1 psycannon
- 1 hammer, 4 halberds

Ordo Malleus Inquisitor: (joins terminators)
- Terminator armor
- Psycannon, daemon hammer
- 3 servo skulls

- Vindicare assassain (pairs well with the techmarine up armor in a ruin for a 2+ cover save)
- Strike Squad 4
  Same as SS 2 and 3

Ok that is it... What are your thoughts? FYI at the decision point I am at 1685 so any other suggestions Im open to.  If not, which list do you like better Option 1 or option 2?



  1. I like the Terminator unit as it is not a triplicate unit, but I also really like the Vindicare. I don't know the points, would it be possible to take the Terminators and a Vindicare?

  2. I could do that if I dropped one of the Razorback strike squads, but then I would lose 5 scoring models, putting me to 20 models total that score, which is kinda low IMHO... I also could get rid of the Techmarine, but he brings the Batman belt of awesome (Grenades)


  3. take option two, as he can really help destroy your opponents synergy by taking out librarians/sergeants/etc. Also, the more scoring models on the board, the less chance something horrible could happen

  4. ive played afew games with the palidens in land raideres and that is a massive target, the rader didnt make it past turn two and then the palidens got blown to hell from str8 ap2 and better, so i would sudjest changing them to normal terms.

  5. What were you playing against? Did you pop smoke and shrouding? Cause even if they got through the av 14 3+ cover you still have a 3+ cover save from the wreck and shrouding...


  6. also i think you should keep the grim reaper, he is amasizing with the shield breaker and turbo penitrator, take out a force camanders iron halo and then you strike squad comes in and smokes his ass with a force halberd.