Wednesday, July 6

40K Change Up, Elimination Edition

Lets hear it for people doing things different!!!

(Insert cheers here.)

This is a combo post to start off a small series of articles about tournaments, gaming and doing things differently. I am going to put out some ideas as we go through this and you can shoot them down if you like, jump on the band wagon or just ignore them entirely.

But the one thing I want you to do is think about it.

Everything changes in this world, and 40K is no exception. In fact more has changed in my 40K life in the past 2 years than in my real life. As we move through time the game evolves and my basic thoughts are that its better now than in the past. But that's no reason to hit the breaks and try to hold things in place just because we are content.

Some things get better with change!

Remember when we counted up victory points at the end of every game?!?

I sure do and I also remember thinking this is far too tedious of a task to make players go through after a 2 hour game. And what if you hit the wrong button on your calculator? You could lose the game right there. Or your opponent did his math wrong on the army list and bingo, he just pulled out a win when you start adding things up. (Of course I speak of extremes and a time when Army Builder was less popular.)

Lets not forget that some changes can deteriorate what was once thought of as near perfection.

My point is, without trying new things and being open to change we would miss out on tons of great things. Its important to me to always try and keep an open mind and do that "think outside the box" thing that's so popular now.

This brings me to the second part of my post, I warned you in the beginning there was a combo.
Don't go clicking away now were just to the good part and it involves you.

(This is the part where I drop a new idea on you and all this talk of change has buttered you up to the point where you can consider it objectively.)

Side note: This idea is based in the competitive environment, I will do others just as one sided that are fluff based in the future.

How about a true elimination tournament?

Whats this you say, don't we already do that?

Well kind of, but how often have you seen a player take a minor loss or a draw in round one, then go on to win the tournament by coming in under the radar? It happens and its because our system is set up to let it happen. By the way I like the system as it works now, mostly because I have been that player to come in low and take the day at the end. And everyone loves to cheer for the underdog!

But what if, just even once a year, at an event we ran a win=advance only bracket?

Think of it this way, lets say our missions were set up to only allow for a win or loss scenario. That's easy to do. Now enter 24 players at the FLGS on Saturday morning, everyone pays their entry fee and random match ups are pulled.

After game one we have 12 winners, they are paired up according to their previous scores and move on to round 2. But what about the other 12 guys? Well your day is not over guys, actually it kinda is, you can still play each other it just wont be for the fame, glory and prizes. That's what makes this a true elimination tournament.

Moving on, round 2 is done and we are left with 6 undefeated players on 3 tables ready for round 3. At this point tension is building, nerves are being tested and everyone can start to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

After this we have 3 undefeated players going into round 4. Take a deep breath runner up from last round you just got a extra life. Remember we are still scoring points, counting up primary/secondary and even modifiers. And as it happens the player with the best score that took a loss in the last round earned a shot at redemption and we move on to round 4.

(The other way to handle this is to give the top seed player a bi while the 2nd and 3rd fight it out but I like the idea of keeping guys playing, and one "Redemption Extra Life" sounds like more fun to me.)

Round 4 shows us a pair of head to head games with top notch players that can smell the finish line. Yet only 2 can move on.

This brings us to the final round.

Say it with me "There can be only one!!!"

Round 5, puts two champions in heads up play for all the marbles. At this point everyone playing and watching should be exhausted, but a final push is needed to cross the line victorious.

And as always to the victor go the spoils putting an end to the chapter that might as well be called an "Iron Man" event for 40K.

So, thoughts...improvements...disscust or praise???

You tell me, I'm not putting this up here to practice my typing. I want to know would you ever consider trying something like this?

One thing that I see is that this will be a long day of games so it might be good to start early and even drop the points to 1500 or so.


  1. Your system still allows a person who would of got a minor win the ability to win all the marbles since you only count win or losses. The biggest downside to this format would be a draw; then what? You could go to victory points but what if the difference is 1 point? That is a harsh loss and an unfulfilling win. Not saying nothing is wrong with it but throwing it out there.

    Back to your bracket idea though. Stick with how it was set up to work. Meaning the loosing side (the left side) is for third/forth place. Meaning each time a player losses they are put on the losing side. Two losses and you are out of the tournament. This allows a player to still contend for third despite having one loss.

    For the players who get two losses you simply allow them to throw down against other player who have been knocked out.

  2. Everytime I think of a standard single elimination bracket, I realize the one thing that makes it fail.

    The losers go home.

    The way we do tournaments now, most players stick around till the very end, because their is always a chance all the top seeds tie, and an excellent 3rd game can rocket a loser into a winner's slot.

    But in single elimination, there is no motivation for people to stick around.

    Why is this important? Great! I won the tournament. 'crickets' The only person to witness it is the store owner and my opponent. I've seen this in other gaming tournaments. It's rather a lackluster win.


  3. Heh, this is very similar to the NOVA format, where you play down to a single undefeated player. The way that system works though, is that even if you lose a game, you can still compete for lots and lots of prizes- there's a 'renaissance man' award, which is just like the traditional 'Best Overall' (battle points + paint scores + sportsmanship), and in the NOVA itself, after day 1, you get set into a bracket, where your scores are essentially reset, and even if you went 0-4 the first day, you still have the potential to go 4-0 the next day, and win a prize for winning your own bracket.

    Have you heard of it? I just played in a 'NOVA-style' event, and it's actually pretty awesome :)

  4. @Hot Panda, First love the handle, makes me warm and fuzzy inside. Also I think you missed the part where we take out draws. And no one says the ohter guys gant play each other, in fact I think I put something like that in there.

    @Sean, I feal your pain. But this is where the "perhaps just once a year" idea come into play. Poeple know what they are getting into and next month its back to the usual.

    @Xaereth, Yes yes I am a fan of the Nova, thow I have never played in one. Its also an important note to say that it is a change in the way we do things that has become popular.

    In general I just like to mix things up every once in a while. Not so long ago I said something like "Why dont we do a once a year tourny that is a must have 3 colors minium to play? Its a great way to set goals for painting and improve moral of painted players who are starting to get irritated."

    OMG, you would have thought I killed some ones grandma. Sooo...that never happened.

    But I still think its a reasonable idea.
    Thanks for the comments.