Saturday, July 2

Dukes WargamesCon Army (GK)

 Since this is WargamesCon week I thought I would show you all the army that I will be taking to the event, my 2000 point pure Grey Knight army.

First: My Psiflemen dreads.  I painted the helmets white so they
would stick out.  I guess fluff wise they were once both Purifiers...
Maybe even twin Brothers... Meh, who knows!

Strike Squad: Casus Beli (Cause which justifies war). 10 Knights, 2 psycannons,
Hammer, HalberdPsyback.  on top of the Razor is the 10 heldric shields of the
squad members and some scroll work mentioning their achievements. 
Strike Squad: Corpus iuris (Body of Law). 5 Knights,  Psycannon, Hammer, Halberd,
psyback.  As on all Razors the design in the relief of the rhino is the
Justicars heraldry.

Strike Squad: Custos Morum (guardian of Morals). Same Equipment as other 10 man squad.

Land Raider: doli Incapax (Incapable of crime):
Psycannon = Assault cannon + Psybolt ammo.  Warp stabilization field

Side shot with hereldric shields and scroll work

Opposite side.

Paladin Squad: Filius Imperator (Sons of the Emperor).
4 Paladins, Bro. Banner, Hammer, Halberd, Warding stave (wip).
This shot was taken in the famous "Milk jug light box,"

Same: Front pair

Same: Rear pair 

Grand Master: Caligula and his Librarian: TIberius
GM: Granade belt of Batman, Sword. Libby: Summoning, Shrouding
Sanctuary, Quicksilver, Might of Titan and a nice shiny
Warding Stave.


Why I chose this list: All in all I wanted to try a pure Grey Knights list.  I love the idea of these guys strolling into combat.  I think if I had time to make another whole army I might do something based off of Purifiers instead of Paladins, but whatever.  In my practice games this list has done well, but Im under no impression that it is the end all of GK lists. All in all it is something of a different style than my Blood Angels, and I like that.

Modeling notes: I wanted them to look clean and shiny... I think I achieved that pretty well.  I chose not to do a lot of freehand like i did on my Blood Angles simply cause I wanted to have two distinct armies.  The basing was made to look like they are walking and purging a daemon world.  Im not 100% sure I like the purple on the "Spirits," on the base, but oh well.  I also went with lots of forge-world stuff, cause I could afford it at the time.  All in all I like this army, but I still feel like something is missing on the painting side, too late now! lol.

Well, that is the list and some pics to go with it... I hope you all like it, and if not then no loss.  Is anyone else going to WargamesCon? Lets see your stuff.



  1. Awesome models! Good luck at the con!

  2. bought bases..? other than that the army looks sucks! but looks fine

  3. Dude too cool!!!

    You will do well with it, good staying power and some nice tricks too.

    I love the bases and the Razors came out great.
    Also the right hand pads look real nice as well as all the power weapons.

    What is that the Termies are in?...Oh, ita a Forge World warp ship. I think it sells for like 200 bucks and its sooo nice and smoooooth!
    Milky white warp ride!

    For real tho I love it, have fun & take some pics for the rest of us.

    Good luck, watch out for haters.

  4. @ Tzeentchling: Thanks man... heard you aren't going to be there this year. Too bad.

    @Swags: Gotta love that milky white warp ride, I think Im gonna put some spinnerz on it.


  5. I like bought bases - should have more purple in there hehehe.

    Now I get to give you crap while you play. Judge you in more ways then your rules hahahah.

    See you what - in 5 days???

  6. Great looking army, very clean work! I can't wait to see it in person. Good luck, I'm sure you will do very well.

    Tony Malave

  7. Great looking army, Duke. I'll be there and Kingsley wants a rematch!

  8. @Goatboy: 4 crazy days and 5 sleepless nights! As far as judging me goes... Im bringing my "Bad Call Brick," Its a foam brick I throw at the TV when a bad rule is made, only this brick Im Bringing aint foam!

    @ L. Khatan: Thanks man, hit me up at the Con... Ill be wearing a big "DUKE" shirt, lol.

    @CRP: Thanks bud, Id love a rematch against Kingsley, he was a cool dude who I had a rough game against.


  9. Cool- Ima wipe this army out hardcore next time I play it :)

    Isn't it satisfying when your army is entirely done and just waits to be played at it's first tournament?

  10. @X: bring it on sucka! Yea, I seriously don't know what to do with all my free time, now that I'm done.


  11. Nice army! Where did you get the bases from?

  12. Very nice, I particularly like the individual heraldry added to the rhino.

    A Latin note, "doli incapax" would be more accurately translated as something like "incapable of wrong" (and perhaps more accurately something like "fault"). The Latin for crime is "crimen". I'm guessing you got this from a phrasebook, as "doli incapax" is the common-law shorthand for children being incapable of committing crimes, but that is because they are presumed to be incapable of forming the relevant wrongful mental state.

  13. @ Anon: The Bases are from scibor ( they have a ton of cool bases. I also suggest micro art studios (

    @Border Prince: Thanks, I think the heraldry gives it a little extra something. As far as the Latin, your 100% correct. Almost all the phrases are common law terms. I particularly like "doli incapax," because they are Grey Knights and are presumed to be incapable of forming the relevant wrongful state (in their minds at least)


  14. Great looking army you've got yourself there!