Monday, July 25

For The Love Of Tau Part 2

Hello again everyone its time to jump in the air lock and set those phasers to stun!

This is part 2 of my tribute to every ones favorite space slugs, the Tau Empire.

When we left off last time we were looking at units with unplayable rules, so lets just start back up there again with these fancy dudes.
Vespid...well they looked good on paper...

Whats next?

You got to have troops, and more important you got to have the right guy to lead them into battle.

This is the Shas'ui from the Etheral Honour Guard, you can tell by extra antenna icon on his back pack and the ice cold look in his eyes. Equipped with a marker light and target lock this one has wrecked his fair share of tanks.

Who else you got back there?

Here are some of the other Shas'ui with the same load out from the basic troop ranks.

I was set on using every last bit for this force and wasn't going to let one extra fig slip through my hands.

That's where these guys come in, they are the crew men from the Devilfish. If you put legs on a fig that's part of a tank you can almost guarantee he will end up on a base somewhere in my army.

Board yet? Here is something new.

Remote Sensor Tower Team. Scratch built and played once. They use the IA rules and have the same converted piece on them that represents the marker light that I have used throughout this force. Did you notice the one on the FW Commander?

Whats that, Imperial Armor you say...

Yes, we need more drones. These are just a few examples of some of the heavy and turret drone scratch builds that I never play. Having extra parts and being insane will lead to that sort of thing.

Are you done yet, my eyes hurt?

OK, one last...thing.

That's right its a...what the crap is that?

Well its a turn counter/scatter holder/HQ wound marker/occupied transport marker obviously. The 2 drone heads can remove and marker beads can be added and removed to help keep track of the game. This has worked well for me in tons of games.

That brings us to close another chapter of a little book called "YO GW! Get me a new codex so I can play my favorite army again!" I know that's a long title but it gets the point across.

Game on, Swags.


  1. You'll be hearing from my Water Caste agent about that space slugs comment.

    Neat Shas'ui btw. Do you really give them all Markerlights? I hate the idea of a 30-35pt Fire Warrior. Not to mention that in order to use the Markerlight you need your whole squad to remain stationary with you. And as we know, if you stop moving as Tau, you're already dead.

  2. Markerlights are 2 sided sword for sure.

    You will notice that I only show 4 of the 6 that I have. The other 2 are just stock figs. Add this to the fact that I might have some stand in guys to swap out as well.

    80 Firewarriors in gun line formation did scare people back in the day. Now it only scares some.

  3. The Turret drones are pretty cool. I like the missile one the best, looks like he's popping up from the paint top just to fire - "Enemy units detected!"

  4. Any one notice what those drone heads are?

  5. He he, nope Devilfish doors. This was my first ever casting project.

    Take a closer look at the solid burst cannons and the fusion blasters on the heavy drones.

    More on that later...

  6. friggin' SWEEEEEET !!!111!!1