Monday, July 18

For The Love Of Tau part 1

So often we work our little paint brushes to the nub, forcing the love to
pour out of us, creating a wonderful world of amazing minis. We put tons
of time and effort in developing stories to justify our colors and
conversions. And just as we reach the apex of brilliance...we realize things
have changed. The world has moved on with out us as we slaved away attempting
to achieve greatness.

Other codex's evolve, basic rules have changed and we were so focused in on
our little universe that a crashing reality thunders home.

" army sucks now!"

But wait, no really just wait. That's all you have to do in this topsy tervy
world we play in. In time your work will be justified and all will be right

OK, time to ask where this is going?

This isn't one of those boo hoo codex creep rants. More so a beacon of light,
marker light if you will, of hope. As with all things they become viable
again with time. Think bell bottoms and afros, think floral prints and neon
color schemes, think Necrons and Tau!!!

I say to all you true believers we are on the cusp of change, the time is near
for a new Necron codex and in my mind only a short time out from a new Tau
codex as well. (GW dictionary defines short time as 6 to 18 months.)

As such I go back every now and then and peek into my favorite boxes of
figs from time to time dreaming of the day that they will hit the turf again.

And on this day I am inviting you to come with me.
So lets get to it already, jeez yack all day why don't you.

OK OK relax its time for the fun stuff.
Lets start with some HQ's.

First up, Forge World Commander.

I just love this guy. You cant see it in the pic but he, like all my Crisis
suits is fully magnetized in 4 places. Thus allowing him to utilize any weapons
he may need.

Next, another rare fig. The limited Etheral from the battle force box.
Such an awesome model with nearly unplayable rules.

Note the staff that was drilled out to fit an iridescent beed and specialized
mini display base crafted from a round block of wood.

Speaking of drilling and cutting here is a conversion I did to be a stand in
for Aun'va.

The Tau is the from the Piranha crew and the chair is a Crisis suit.
I did get the real Aun'va but have never painted him as I ultimately fear
true completion of this army. Does that even make sense?

Moving on, here is some just for fun work.

This guy was built for a campaign, some kind of Tau nuke/comm/reactor devise.
Who knows what those sneaky space slugs are up to.

And...WTF IS THAT!!!

Yes I went off the deep end here. I don't even know what I was building,
but it sure came out looking cool.

Can you remember Nemesis Kill Teams?

This is an experimental NKT drone. He could deep strike with no scatter and
fire 2 twin linked flamers in a kill teams game. My how times have changed.

OK, that's a wrap on part one.

Hope you have enjoyed this trip down the yellow brick road, we will push on soon in our journey to see the great and powerful OZ.
Thanks for looking, when I recharge my photo cells I will be back with more Tau goodness!

Game on, Swags.


  1. I know how ya feel. My first love was a mechanized Tau army with three Hammerheads, six Devilfish, 72 Fire Warriors, two Crisis suits, six Stealth and my Shas'o configured as an assassin using two twin link fusion guns. All the vehicles had BS4, Target lock, Smart Missiles...

    We flew and blew...sigh.

    That army eventually went to a new owner in Hong Kong, but I remember her fondly. :)

  2. why do I feel like I should take a shower after that last comment? lol.

    Is all seriousness, I feel the same way with my Luna Wolves, all foot marines with plasma cannon = worthless now.


  3. All in due time, I pray the Railgun rumor is true and can shoot through 5 DE Raiders in a single shot.

  4. That would be so broken... In fact it is so OP it must be true!


  5. Glad to see some Tau love on the interwebs. I like your conversions and objective markers. When I finally "finished" my Viorla army, I'd run out of steam and never got around to those sorts of things. Some day...maybe when the new codex arrives. Looking forward to part 2.

  6. Hey, I still enjoy playing my Tau! They still do alright, just not consistently enough.

  7. Still no love for my beloved Eldar (you know, the ones from the craftworlds that now pale in comparison to their less martial evil brethren).
    Despite this, my next project will be to resurrect my Ulthwe' army... mostly because I can't wait to see Grey Knights heads explode when they have to take their checks on 3D6, take the highest and hope its not over 12!
    Eldar are still somewhat viable, but over-priced, especially the transports... but eh, still fun in my opinion. I had hope of a redo when the new Fire Prism came out (beautiful model, btw). Say-la-vee (or however the french say it).


  8. Have no fear Immortal, it seems the Eldar may be on the rise. I played in a 5 game event this weekend and while there were only 12 players 3 0f them were Eldar. This was interesting to me and even more so when you think about them putting 50 bucks on their army to play.

    DE did take the win but a vet Eldar player took 2nd, while my CMS came in 3rd just ahead of annother Eldar in 4th. I should also say that there were 3 GK players there and a nasty SW list.

    On a side note im doing a massive Eldar 11 tank paint job now and will post them up when they get ready. Keep an eye ot for that one cuz they are seweet!

  9. Also forgot to say the Eldar that didnt place was on table 1 vs the DE in game 5. So they all did good IMO.

  10. I can't wait till we get a return of the eldar! But then I'll have to repaint the whole lot :(


  11. really nicely painted models :)