Tuesday, July 12

Back from WargamesCON

Well, it was two really long road trips and nights where I didn't go to bed until 1 am only to wake up at 6:30 to start gaming.  But if I had the chance I would do it all over again!

All in all I had a 100% awesome-amazing time at WargamesCon, it is one of those events that I look forward to each year.  I am already thinking about what to do for next year.  Thanks to Jwolf and the Crew there for running such an awesome event.

So lets go over the games I played.

1. Valkyrie spam guard (Full points Massacre for me)
  - He was a great guy, with a beautiful army converted by the mad-scientist Mike Strange.  This game was 100% competitive casual from both of us.  No matter what he tried my shooting was taking out 2 valks/ vendettas a turn... Nothing you can do when Im rolling that hot.

2. Blood Angel Razor Spam w/ Storm Raven (Minor win)
 - This was one of the guys I had known from the 40k Wrecking Crew.  He had a beautifully painted Lamenters army by Kenny B. (Next level painting).  In the end I forgot that a little thing was the objective and didn't move my Landraider to contest it...oops, pay attention!  Still, I was in a good place overall.

3. Leafblower Guard (Full points massacre for me)
 - I played this guy and his buddy the night before in the team tournament.  He was a great guy with a tough list.  I knew his list was rough because it is almost 100% the same as my friends list at the con.  Each turn felt like I was going to demolish him, until he went and I thought I was going to be wiped.  In the end I just played the terrain so that half his army didn't have LOS and he couldn't handle my Landraider with Paladins who captured the primary objective. I think he was surprised how GK have changed the meta.

4. Mixed orks (Major win)
 - This guy had an army, that by all accounts, should have been a push over.  But he had a few really cool tricks up his sleeve and they threw me a curveball.  In the end it was the Paladins who wrecked face  and took names.  I would have gotten max points on this mission as well, but he kinda pulled a dick move on the objective (I didn't blame him, but it was tricksy) and so I only got a major victory.

Day Two, Championship bracket.

5.  Grey Knights Paladin death star table 5 (Loss)
 - This was the only mission I got my trash kicked on.  Turn one his Vindicare opens up my Land Raider and then he puts 3 mindstrike missles on my pallies and the judge makes a bad ruling that I have to take 15 perils of the warp spread out between all the models in the squad.  I was saying that it was only supposed to be 3 perils tests and that it would be randomized all on one model.  Needless to say my whole squad died.  I did everything I could to fight back, but that game my dice didn't help either.  After the game I was told by the judges that they were wrong and it should have been 3 tests.  Im not bitter about it cause as a TO I have been forced to make calls that were later seen to be wrong, but that was like "Sorry I kicked you in the balls." That loss was the difference of me competing in any way for Best Overall.

6. Mech Eldar (Full Points Massacare)
  - Put simply I wasn't the brightest smile in the room after my last game and when this one started I was looking for the massacre.  This guy did the best he could to stay out of range of my heavy guns and for the most part that worked... However, my Land Raider and Paladins were able to secure his capture and control objective while I had tons of troops on mine.  In the end he forgot to deploy a unit in his previous turn, and as such it gave me the tertiary pretty clearly.  Crappy way for him to lose an objective, but it gave me full points and moved me back into the top 10 tables.

7. Drop Pod Space Wolves (mior loss)
  - At this point I was back in the top 10 but I knew I was too far off to win it all and so did my opponent.  As such we decided to just have a fun game (With care-bare objectives and all!)  He was really cool and knew his stuff (He got Best General last year).  I was dead tired and forgot to do some simple things like casting Warp Quake when I was supposed to (Remembered in the shooting phase, doh!) in the end I just couldn't chew through his guys.  All said it was a good game and I look forward to playing him again when my brain isn't mush.

OVERALL STANDING-  15th not bad for a 200+ attendance...

Here are some pictures...


  1. Great job! Hooray for someone representing Colorado in the championship!

    Also, what was that Tau army counts-as? I assume that's what it was and not a regular Tau army, but it's pretty stunning.

  2. Congrats on a great showing at the con.

    Sounds like there was a good time had by all and even those who I talked to who got rolled said they had fun.

    And yes, what is with the Tau army?
    Interesting conversions but I count like 6 heavies? Paint needs work too, but cool looking tho. Was this for the TT?

  3. Thanks guys, that tau army was actually my first opponent. It is actually a counts as imperial guard. If you actually got a chance to puck up the models you could see that they are actually guardsman who were "recruited," into the Tau ranks after being left at the damecoles gulf.

    The only thing not IG models were the heavy weapons teams (suits) and the valks/vendettas.

    The whole army was consistent with conversions (fusion gun= melta, etc.)

    All in all this army was counts as, done RIGHT!

  4. Y'all were the best game we had over at dissentingdice had the whole team tournament. You also started the trend of nothing going our way all day. It was brutal but fun.

    The inspiration to get a lot of beer over lunch was much appreciated, we only got 1 battle point total, but we had a great time.

  5. Your game 5 is just a shock. 15 perils!!!!! Total BS. Too bad, GKs could have taken it all.

  6. Duck:

    I was your opponent in the 6th game and I do not remember any of the tough talk that you are spouting on the internet now. I gave you a "bad" score, the judge asked me about it and upheld the score I gave you. In other words after hearing what had happened from both players, the "bad" score remained. By the way, I will remember you and I will give you a chance to call me a douche and a cheater to my face the next time I see you. John Green, Jr

  7. Ok, then to clear yourself, why the bad sportsmanship score? I gave you lots of things that I shouldn't have and even helped you in placing a template so that it hit my own guys (likely losing the tertiary if you rolled well.) I also helped you in establishing a correct multi-assault and when you realized that it wasn't a good assault I let you go back and move your bikes away from my squad...How is that "bad sportsmanship?"

    If you can give me a good reason why I deserved a "Bad," sportsmanship then I will humbly retract both of my comments and apologize, but right now I truly felt I was "Good," there weren't any big rules things besides the one instance of the forgotten squad. As it stands right now it seems to me that you gave me a bad sportsmanship score just because you got a zero, and that is pretty douche-like.

    Actually, just to give nice-ness, Ill retract the "Cheating," statement...I know you weren't TRYING to pull anything, you just wanted to have the tertiary.

    Also, I must say you were a good guy up until that point, your son even got me a cup of water (Which was really cool) and we talked about families and such. But I seriously don't like feeling like I got a "bad," because you lost. I honestly feel that had we drawn on that tertiary I would not have gotten that score...And that isn't cool.


  8. Duck:

    No big deal, I don't feel the need to clear myself. This is your blog, you have the right to say what you want. My only point was that the next time I see you I am going to give you the chance to call me a cheat and a douche to my face. My position remains unchanged. Carry on. JG

  9. I talked to the judges and I understand that you thought I knew about the squad that wasn't deployed and that is why you gave me a "bad.". I did not know you had another squad back there. 'if I did I would have mentioned something.

    As an attorney you can understand resolution, I don't think "call me that to my face," is much of one. I thought you gave me a bad sports score simply because you lost. In actuality you gave it to me because you thought I knew you had forgotten units (which I didn't) if I that is the case then this is nothing more than a misunderstanding.

    Also, just to be clear. I retracted my "cheating," statement... And if the case above is correct I will retract the douche comment as well. If I was in your posistion and thought that the other guy knew about the unit I would possibly give a "bad," as well.

    Either way, as a person you aren't a cheater or a douche, but if I was given a bad simply because you were mad about losing then that is a douche-move.


  10. JG,
    Duke is a resonable guy, and if you have a good explination as to why you gave him a "bad" I for one would be interested in knowing why. I rarely give ANYONE a bad... you have to be a real asshole to get a bad from me at a tourny, and I will far more often give a 'Great' to someone.
    Seriously, I might call you a douche to your face at the next con for NOT explaining yourself... and I wouldn't have cared had you not come on the blog, called out Duke, then not explained why (that sir, is a valid explination of a 'douche' move). I have no right or reason to call you a cheat, as I didn't play you.
    Be reasonable, explain it, or not, but be an adult about it... I'd hate to see you two 'Duck' it out, haha.


  11. I still see both the cheating comment and the douche comment on this post. I did ding you exactly for the reason the judge gave you. Provided those insults are removed you as you said they would be, you and I have no further business and this will be forgotten. Jg

  12. The comments were retracted, would you like to give any reconciliatory gestures?


  13. Duke: thank you for your time and effort in resolving this issue. I really did enjoy our game up until the end, the entire time we were playing i thought you were a very polite kid and I look forward to playing you again. No hard feelings on my end.

  14. I agree 100%, next time I am in Austin I owe you a beer/lunch. I really did enjoy our game up until the end and your son was really cool to bring me some water.

    I also heard that you played a tough game against Dash of Pepper right before me.

    Once again, my apologies.

  15. Dash of Pepper used to live in our area, if there is any man who deserves the title of douche it is him. He plays the person, not just the game, but I blame his salesman occupation for that one. His treatment of his wife was unforgivable (made her sit in the car all day on their anniversary while he played in a tournament.) amongst other things.

  16. Well, i suppose he is lucky to have such an understanding wife... Mine would have castrated me!